Tuesday, 17 February 2009


A couple of days ago, a friend of mine told me about how you could find out about your credit rating and stuff for free by going onto the equifax website. And I kind of forgot about it at the time but at lunchtime today I was stuck at my desk and decided I would try looking it up. So I stuck in my personal details, my address, my debit card number . . .

. . . Firstly it started to spurt out random facts that only a fortune teller or psychic should know. (Not that I've ever been to either but my friend D has been to enough of them and tells me about it afterwards.)

You have a mobile phone contract that started in 2007? (OH MY GOD, how did you know???) What network is it with? (You mean you don't know THAT???)

You signed up for a store card in 2007. (Argh! Big Brother truly IS watching me!) What one was it? (Er - none of the above, so much for being omniscient!)

Anyway, details all inputted and I eagerly awaited my result. I didn't know what I was going to find. Debts I'd forgotten about? Payments I'd reneged on?


I don't know why I'm really surprised.

  • The store card I opened in 2007? I bought one thing on credit with it, paid it off in less than a month out of terror that I might owe money, and never used it again.
  • I don't owe a credit card and never put things I buy in real life (ie. not online) onto my debit card.
  • It took me nearly a year of deliberating before I went from a pay-as-you-go to a contract on my phone. Which is ridiculous because 1) I got a phone far cheaper than I would on a pay-as-you-go contract and 2) I spend probably half the amount I used to spend on my phone now therefore I was actually SAVING money by doing the contract thing.
  • When I belonged to a book club and they would send me those books I didn't want (you know, the editor choice thingys), I'd keep them and pay for them anyway because I was scared if I had to wait for it to be returned and have the debit taken off my account, I might get into trouble for a late payment.

I know, "woe is me, I don't owe money, blah blah blah" - believe me, I'm HAPPY I don't owe money. But the whole report just made me look BORING! Even the time I had a debt collection agency chasing after me for months because someone broke into my paypal account and somehow fixed it so it looked like I owed 1200 pounds wasn't mentioned there! Believe me, I am GLAD it didn't affect my credit rating. But still . . .

What can I say? I'm a perverse fucker sometimes.

Anyway, for "Cheer-Me-Up Tuesday", I am going to post a link to a song that was one of the most popular at the Australia day party a couple of weeks back . . . Here you go!


  1. I was going to say something nice... Something vague yet complimentary, but then I saw you like that Katy Perry lesbian song... The whole "Oh, look who cool and mainstream it is to be bisexual, to get attention from the boys" kind of shit (this is in reference to the song, not you... I didn't read enough of your blog to find out if you're bisexual because the boys like it), and so I decided to just rant, and then smoke. Cheers.

  2. wait, I meant "how cool" not "Who cool"... It seems it's hard to concentrate in such a state of annoyance.:p

  3. Boring is definitely better when it comes to your credit report especially nowadays where even people with the best credit can't get loans.

  4. Aww, bless your cotton socks.

    I've done go so far in that I've only used my credit card twice and paid it off a month or so afterwards both times.

  5. budgallant - no, I'm NOT bisexual and in fact i actually posted a couple of months back about how even though i liked the song i didn't understand why girls kissed other girls just to titilate men. that being said, each to their own. one thing I WON'T apologise for or justify is my taste in music - I don't see why I should. I'm entitled to like what I like. :)

    that being said, some people in REAL LIFE probably think kissing girls will be my NEXT project. they know who they are...

    Knikki - good point!

    the odd duckling - at least it's not just me then!

    the moral of the story? I don't like to be in debt AND I don't like to kiss girls. I'm not quite sure how the two are related though, lol.

  6. Paula you are not boring, I envy anyone who can pay bills on time. You know shopaholic, thats me. I do not want to look at my credit line because I know how bad it is, I have 4 credit cards, currently all maxed out. I never pay on time Oh my I think I have to go and lay down now

  7. I dread to think what mine looks like, but oh i cant see as i dont even have a debit card anymore!

  8. You are far from boring! But this was a great post for reminding me to cancel the store card I paid off about 3 years ago.

  9. Well, on the bright side, you won't EVER have troubles with getting loans or credit cards.

    You're a responsible woman.

    Now, make sure the link to this blog isn't put anywhere near.
    Just kidding ;)

  10. There is nothing wrong with being a perverse fucker.

    At all.


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