Sunday, 22 February 2009


This is just one of those random memories that pops into your head every so often. I thought I may as well share it.

A couple of years back, I was waiting in Glasgow Central station for my friend D. We used to meet there all the time - I'm not entirely sure why since neither of us usually took trains into town to meet each other, but there you go. One thing about D . . . she has a tendency to be late. To the point where I've learned to arrange a time with her and deliberately turn up ten or fifteen minutes late myself . . . because then THAT way I only have to wait another half hour or so for her! (Yes, I AM exaggerating a bit!)

Anyway, I was waiting outside WH Smiths in the station as arranged and had been waiting there for ten minutes or so when I realised there was a creepy looking guy standing nearby who was staring at me. I looked away but could still feel his eyes on me, so I glanced back with a mild version of what my mum calls "the hairy eyeball" (apparently I am capable of VERY dirty looks sometimes - and not "dirty" in an encouraging way, if you know what I mean!) to warn him off. I really am NOT a big fan of people with staring problems.

I distracted myself with my phone, texting D to ask where she was. Next thing I heard "Excuse me?"

I looked up to see the guy now standing directly in front of me. Pretty much in my personal space. Which is another pet hate of mine. "Yeah?" I asked, probably fairly rudely.

"Are you waiting for me?" he asked.

The question took me aback. "Er - no." I replied abruptly.

"Oh right, I was just supposed to meet someone here, I thought it might be you . . . " he trailed off, still looking at me like he wasn't quite sure I was being honest.

"Nope, not me. Sorry."

As he wandered away, I wondered why I had apologised for not being who he thought I was. It wasn't MY fault! It seemed pretty clear to me that this dude was obviously either waiting for a blind date of some sorts, whether it was a set up through a friend, or through some sort of personals ad. It struck me, however, as D eventually turned up (thankfully at least that showed him it certainly wasn't me who was waiting for him!), and he was still standing around waiting, that there was the slight chance that the girl he WAS meant to be meeting had shown up, saw him, and ran away again.

I could be wrong.

Maybe she showed up ten minutes later and they fell madly in love.

Somehow, I doubt it though . . .


  1. I don't thik I'd ever do blind dating, but I can definitely see why people might do a runner from their dates!

  2. Haha while I was reading that I was totally thinking that she showed up, saw him, and left.

    Poor creepy guy....

  3. Oh my goodness. Poor blind date.

  4. It would be awful to be stood up, but it would be more awful to have to go on a date with a super creepy guy!

  5. haha! No i Wouldn't do blind dating either! I would possibly go out on a double date with a friend if she bought a male freind with her to keep me company.. but I am becomming desperate now.. What is happening to mee? :(


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