Thursday, 12 February 2009


Whenever I'm bored and random thoughts appear in my head, one thought in particular pops up fairly often. And I STILL haven't managed to come up with a concrete answer.

Maybe you can help?

If you had to give up chocolate or cheese, which one would YOU choose?

Seriously, I can't work this one out. I am a sweet person through and through. You know how you get sweet people who like their chocolate more than anything, and savoury people who like their crisps, nuts, things like that? I definitely fall into the former camp. I would far rather have a bar of Galaxy, a packet of Reece's Cups or a slice of cake than a packet of crisps. Obviously I have my savoury moments . . . but my heart lies solidly in the sweetie camp.

And obviously CHEESE isn't sweet. It's definitely hiding out with the savoury stuff.

But cheese is different. Because cheese adds sooo much to the savoury stuff, makes it FAR more attractive . . .

  • Chips and cheese - yum!
  • Nachos? They'd be NOTHING if it wasn't for the copious amounts of cheese melted all over them.
  • Lasagne without cheese would be . . . well, LASAGNE BOLOGNESE!
  • Best baked potato accompaniment in my opinion? Tons of grated cheese with a laughing cow triangle added. Hands down.
  • Pizza. I mean, do we need an argument here? Even people who don't like cheese (wtf is THAT all about by the way???) like pizza!
  • Macaroni cheese. With EXTRA cheese. Of course.
  • Grilled Cheese on Toast. One of the yummiest hangover cures ever . . .
  • My favourite starter in the world - mozzarella sticks. Enough said . . .

I could go on but, seriously, my mouth is filling with saliva and I'm craving cheese now like nothing else. (Does that answer my question, I wonder? Probably not, cos I was thinking about chocolate twenty minutes ago.)

Oh, and on top of that, cheese is so yummy by itself too. When I'm cutting cheese for a meal, I always need to do twice as much cos I'm doing that whole "one slice for the meal, one slice for ME" thing as I chop.

But chocolate . . . oh my god, melted chocolate is just as yummy as melted cheese.

Obviously not on a baked potato though . . .

Perhaps I should make the decision a bit more logicially, look at all the facts. Or, rather, one salient question . . .


Now, if THAT was the deciding question, you KNOW what my answer is gonna be . . . ;)

UPDATE: At least someone has FINALLY reminded me why I've been thinking about this so much of late - apparently Maxie may have used it as a "Would you Rather Wednesday?" question once. Which proves just how difficult her questions are if I STILL haven't come up with an answer!


  1. Wow. This is like the chicken-and-the-egg scenario.... we are never going to have answer!
    And you didnt even mention cheeses like camenbert ( which goes great with strawberries...and chocolate! ), brie or cream cheese or ricotta that goes in CHEESEcakes....

  2. This is like Sophie's choice! How can you make me choose?!

  3. Clearly there's no way I could give up chocolate!!!

    I totally agree with all the great aspects of cheese, but I'm just too much of a chocoholic to give it up. Ever!

  4. As much as I love chocolate, I'm not sure what I would do if I had to give up cheese.

    I can't eat pasta without it and it goes into just about every sandwich I make.

    I can't really give up either, but I think chocolate would get the axe if it came down to a choice.

  5. Chocolate is a vital food group. Dark chocolate with a glass of cabernet... yummy!

  6. I choose chocolate because ... I don't like cheese!

    And in answer to:

    Pizza. I mean, do we need an argument here? Even people who don't like cheese (wtf is THAT all about by the way???) like pizza!

    Well, I like pizza BUT when I have it, they make it for me (or I make it) without cheese - tastes just fine to me! So, there! :p Ditto for nachos - no cheese for me!

  7. I'd give up the cheese--it's in SO MANY of the foods I love. Just like you said!

  8. I gave up cheese for 4 was hard. I did realize, however, that cheese isn't necessary in everything. That being said, it's still necessary in a lot of things and a lot of those things happen to be some of my favorite foods. Chocolate on the other hand, is delicious but I can control my chocolate intake better than my cheese intake. So I think I'd choose cheese over chocolate.

  9. I feel like you're asking me to give up a child! But, I'd probably have to stick with cheese. It's the staple of my diet. I love chocolate, but other sweets could suffice. There's no replacement for cheese.

  10. Good question. I think I'ma give up chocolate on this scenario. When you have a craving for something sweet, it doesn't have to be chocolate... But there's just no substitute for cheese.

  11. My GOD, I thought it would be easy to choose...but no fricken way.

    I think I will...i..will...


  12. That IS a tough one... I really don't know

  13. I'd have to give up chocolate. There's no way on Gods earth I'd able to give up cheese.

    CP x

  14. Actually, I think Maxie asked that at her blog once, and I wasn't able to answer it, so..once again..I can't help you decide since I don't even know which one I'd give up..I cheese vs's a tough one.

  15. that's probably why it's been in my head, haha! i found it a little random but thought it's cos me and my flatmate talk CONSTANTLY about food! :)

    going to go eat some cheese now . . .

  16. dont make me choose. I have had this convo with my best friend row many times and she gave up chocolate...I am not sure what I would give up. i am leaning one percent, 51% chocolate is winning over 49% cheese

  17. This is the hardest question I've ever had to answer.I've seriously been staring at the screenfor five minutes and still can't decide...

  18. Can't give up cheese. It makes all the healthy stuff, like salads, that much more bearable.

  19. Im not a cheese person if I am honest! I cant eat it on its own it has to be melted like in lasagne or something!

    I am totally a chocolte luverrr, and you can tell by the current state of my skin! x

  20. This one is easy for me. I do not like chocolate. Every once in a great while I will eat chocolate. My mother insists I am adopted for this fact alone.

  21. Wow, that is a really tough question. I think I would have to give up chocolate. Cheese is's just too awesome. I would probably be able to mourn the loss of chocolate for about a week. But cheese? Never.


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