Friday, 12 December 2008


Hi M!

As you're the only person I know I.R.L. that admits they read this blog, I feel like I can address this post to you!

I was jealous enough that you were in Benidorm while I was freezing my ass off over in Glasgow but your postcard pushed me over the edge. The little P.S. on the end . . . "All inclusive free booze. I had a pint of Baileys last night" was obviously designed to make me want to cry. Suddenly the rose wine I've been drinking seems just crappy in comparison.

Damn you!

Paula xxx

ps. you know I love you really.

pps on an unrelated note, who are the people in seattle who are looking me up tonight? i'm getting a bit scared. can you at least say hello???

ppps also unrelated but because i'm watching christmas songs on the music channels. here's a song i like to watch this version of mainly because i actually RECOGNISE everyone in it (unlike the previous versions) Including Fran Healy from Travis who I SHOULDN'T like for various reasons but I can't help but. Oh well. Plus it's for a good cause.

pppps or how about this one? it reminds me of a gig about a year ago. twas a nice night. i was a bit happier back then. but there you go!

Apologies for the lack of capitalisation in the vital places. My left hand has been ignoring my brain's demand to press shift when necessary. Let's blame it. Bad left hand. :(

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