Saturday, 20 December 2008


So you have probably noticed that often on a Saturday I end up with a music-themed post. Well, I decided this time to embrace my Scottish-nest (I mean "ness") and post some of my favourite tracks by Scottish artists. Hope you enjoy. And feel free to share your favourite songs by Scottish artists.

First up, I am going to give you this song, courtesy of Del Amitri. A grown man in a buggy is kinda fucked up but it is a great song as far as I'm concerned . . .

Next video? Hmm . . . Possibly my favourite Scottish female solo artist, KT Tunstall. And my favourite track by her . . .

I love this song too, by Amy MacDonald. And the video features my on-off love itself . . . Glasgow!!!

Next? Undoubtedly my favourite Scottish band and a band I was lucky enough to see in concert last year. Travis and my favourite track from them . . .

Wet Wet Wet might be guilty of inflicting the worst song from a film EVER on us "Love Is All Around" (which incidentally was my least favourite thing about one of my favourite films in the world!) but at least it wasn't their own song. Clydebank's finest actually had a couple of good songs, at least they seemed good to me when I was a kid. This was my fave. (And still is . . . )

Now The Fratellis. Not QUITE as yummy as the RESTAURANT Fratellis . . . but this is a fabulous song, and a great video too . . .

And last up . . . well, this song is basically all ABOUT Scotland. So how can it even be bad??? ;)


  1. isn't this the best post i've ever seen ??

    Scottish accent is sooooooooo HOT !

  2. Random fact - I lived on the same street as KT Tunstall's parents for four years (Buchanan Gardens, KY16 9LY if you really want to know! :p).

    I love Amy McDonald as well - Poison Prince, especially. Great song choice there! :0)

  3. You have no idea how big of a wet wet wet fan I was at 15, actually I am still quite a fan. I was so in love with Marti Pellow I wanted to marry him.
    goodnight girl is one of my favorite songs among many of their other hits.
    I actually went to a wet wet wet concert at 15 dressed in a scottish quilt shirt and hat....lovely.

  4. Apparently I already dig some Scottish music and just didn't know it.


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