Saturday, 27 December 2008


So, as I've mentioned already, I've been doing my post-Christmas-sales shopping online because my already limited semblance of sanity would not stretch to me venturing into Glasgow city centre at this time of year. I'm not THAT much of a masochist and I suffer from excessive pavement rage (the pedestrian version of road rage) at the best of times without subjecting myself to the risk of possible jail time due to GBH charges when someone decides they are just RANDOMLY and UNEXPECTEDLY going to stop in front of me. Grrr.

Anyway, I picked up a couple of nice bargains on various websites then turned my attention to shoes. Like most girls, I love shoes. However, while I do admire pretty shoes, I cannot justify spending a massive amount of money on them. Manolos and Jimmy Choos??? The price charged for little bits of leather sickens me. I could buy practically an entire seasonal wardrobe for the price of one pair of those shoes. And the clothes would probablylast longer. I am NOTORIOUSLY hard on my shoes, possibly because I walk so much.

So I decided to venture onto the Priceless Shoes website to see if I could get a couple of pairs of nice, yet not expensive, boots. Priceless Shoes is a cheap shop at the best of times - it's the type of shoe shop I like because 1) it isn't intimidating and 2) they tend to have the PAIR of shoes out on the shelf, not just one half of the pair, so you can just pick up the ones you want and try them on. You can get in and out of there pretty quickly. Shoe shopping isn't one of my favourite past-times.

Anyway it turned out there was a sale on and, I swear to God, it was AMAZING! I actually selected a pair of knee-high boots, shoe boots, gold court shoes and a pair of metallic ballet pumps . . . FOR NINETEEN POUNDS! Usually you can't even get HALF a shoe for that price! So I decided I may as well go ahead and purchase them. So I started entering my details into it. And that's when I came across something that struck me as a little odd . . .

The bit where you had to enter your title? I started to put in "Miss" as usual . . . then I realised there was a slightly longer selection available than usual. I stared in disbelief at the options - "Baronness"? "Duke" and "Duchess"? "Colonel"? ""Lady" and "Lord"? "Viscount and Viscountess"?

I mean, I know royalty and the likes are occasionally really badly off and a bit scrooge-like, but are they seriously going to shop in Priceless Shoes??? And if they DID, would they actually want to admit their title.

I could just envision some member of the royal family walking around Buckingham Palace saying to the Queen "Why yes, they ARE lovely shoes, aren't they? ONLY A FIVER IN THE PRICELESS SHOES SALE, can you BELIEVE it???"

And while we're on the subject, why STOP at the titles available? Why wasn't there "Prince" or "Princess", "King" or "Queen"?

Maybe they would like the bargains on the website too . . .


  1. Hey PP, shoes, shoes, please post a picture of your shoes once you have them :D

  2. It is a very good thing I can't convert dollars to pounds and have no idea what size I would wear because I would have ended up 4 different colors of the same shoe. Post pics of the ones you ordered!

  3. Oh! You should be a Sheik next time!

  4. I like the new look :)
    Thanks for the heads up...
    I have just discovered
    It's awesome!

  5. priceless is amazing! I heard they were closing down?? I did some shoe shopping the other week, for me and my kids I spent just over £20 - shud have gone to priceless by the sound of it though! :s


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