Friday, 5 December 2008

OH DEAR . . .

So tonight my lovely Irish friend was back over for the weekend again. Yee-hah! Don't see her for over two years then twice in less than a month. How great!!! And yes, I mean that with complete sincerity. (Yes, this IS true sincerity for me.)

First of all, something that freaked us out a little. We were in this pub called (I think?) The Toby Jug and there was this dude with us who couldn't have been that much older than me. He had a woman next to him who I was convinced must be his mum, if not his gran. I had to hide the shock when he introduced her as his WIFE. Seriously, all I could think was "WTF???" No one else seemed surprised though so I struggled to conceal it.

Anyway, me and my friend were down in the toilets a while later and topic of discussion rolled around to this woman. She said she had also been surprised when she found out who the guy's wife was. We speculated on what age the woman was. I was generous and said late forties, she scoffed at that. Then she told me how the woman had estimated HER age at thirty due to the lines under her eyes. Given the fact she is 28 and looks nowhere near it, she was fairly insulted by this. Especially given WHO the comment had came from . . .

Both of us had to agree that although we had often heard of guys going for the "older woman", more often than not this was not a woman like this one. Sigourney Weaver, Goldie Hawn, they are possibilities. Perhaps even Helen Mirren. But this woman could not compare to any of those. I couldn't help but wonder what their story was. But then, you can hardly ask!!!

On top of that, remember this post??? Well, tonight I experienced the aftermath. The awkwardness. The oh-my-god-i-can't-look-at-him-too-much-or-else-he-might-think-i-fancy-him. The "shit!-SERIOUSLY-what-possessed-me?" paranoia.

It wasn't pleasant.

It made the night slightly more awkward for me.

I WOULDN'T recommend it . . .


  1. its always great when someone ancient tells you, you look old..ahh the irony.

  2. please don't tell me she popped out of the cubicles having heard the whole thing!?

  3. I had an opposite-like experience today! I went to my (former) boss's retirement party and there was a woman there who our coworkers claim is 66, but has literally ZERO wrinkles at all. She has naturally gray hair but in a non-aging way. Her husband looked like such an old guy next to her!

    I wonder in all really different-aged couples what they talk about and what attracted them to one another in the first place. Not because I don't think it would work, but because I don't really get it.

  4. The sucks sucks sucks!
    Old lady? I hope I'm able to date a younger guy in case I'm like 50 ans single. I have to look good, geez! Now I'm going to worry about how I look in 30 years. PP!! What are u doing to me? :( I'm obsessed about everything tonight :P

  5. crayzee shiz girly.. I hope you had a good night regardless of the awkwardness! x

  6. People tell me I look 20 now, so I'm hoping I can be a secret cougar when I'm in my 50s!

  7. I am only going to date younger men now, thats my new rule.

    anyway when I am curious about such things I always find a way to reel out an answer like how long have you been married? and keep asking and like how old were you were you. i am blunt like that to strangers

  8. these days it happens .. i mean why not? wud u be surprised if the man was old > of course not ! then why is it like that with women ?

    i'm happy that you met your friend twice, nothing better than meeting friends .. :)


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