Tuesday, 9 December 2008


. . . and I'm feeling absolutely rubbish. Which is weird since I actually felt okay about an hour ago.

I guess I just feel rubbish because the situation I spoke of last week? Feeling like I had lost a good friendship and was never going to get it back? Well, it's even more obvious to me that's true now.

I seriously don't understand how someone who was once so close to you can now feel like a total stranger. How someone you constantly wanted to talk to can become someone you are struggling to have a mere conversation with. To see this person be perfectly mormal and friendly to other people and be so jealous because you want them to be like that to you too and can't understand why it's different.

But I guess it is. Whatever. Regardless of the reasons, I just feel like shit now.

I don't think it's wrong of me to want my friend back. I just wish he agreed with that.

I'll be back after I've had a shower and comfort-ate a Weightwatchers meal (I know that's a contradiction in terms but the lasagne IS really nice.) I just wanted to get that out. I'll be better later, I promise.