Thursday, 18 December 2008


The day did not start off well.

I was getting a ride to work today. This doesn't happen often, sadly, but when it does, it generally is a good thing. I can wake up a bit later than usual, take my time getting ready . . . it's nice. A fairly relaxing start to the day.

I woke up at 7.29 am.

My ride was arriving at 7.35 am.

This, obviously, did not bode well.

If you have a mental image of me hopping around with tights on my bottom half with nothing on top while I frantically search for a bra, you'd be fairly accurate. (And probably more than a little freaked out). Tripping over my shoes, practically poking myself in my eye in an effort to stick at least one contact lens in there in a hurry so I could actually see what I was doing. Trying to grab all my make-up and stuff it in my bag as I clearly wasn't going to have a chance to put any on before I left.

Cue to us running outside, me falling out of my shoes (I hadn't had time to buckle them) to find it absolutely PISSING IT DOWN. It wasn't just raining cats and dogs, there were hamsters, guinea pigs, camels, zebras . . . you get the picture. (Perhaps I really AM Noah . . .) By the time we had ran down the street where the car awaited us and managed to cross the road, we were drenched.

And I had been awake for less than ten minutes . . .

Let's face it, it's never really going to recover from that kind of start, is it?

It felt like nothing went right all day. I was starting to get really annoyed whenever anyone even TALKED to me. I felt like punching a girl who implied I hadn't stayed late in work at all this week (when in fact I'd stayed late twice already, including a day when she sauntered out at four without even checking that was okay). Instead I killed her . . . with kindness. She didn't like that at all. Oddly, it felt satisfying. I guess my mum was always right about that one.

The highlight of the day? One of my other colleagues claimed he could see a body outside. I didn't have the energy to even LOOK. When I asked later on if he had investigated further, he said no, but it wasn't there anymore. Was he kidding? Had he been seeing things? I barely had the motivation to even wonder about it.

I felt downheartened about everything. I feel like I don't have a clue what's going on with the other half of my co-workers, who are off-site at the moment. And feel like they don't care what's going on with me. Sometimes I feel like they think I am just sitting here twiddling my thumbs - I actually have tons of stuff to deal with. And am having to do it all myself at the moment. Put it this way - Christmas Eve and my ten days (or whatever) off cannot come fast enough. I just feel exhausted.

Anyway, I got a ride back home (which was a good thing) and then decided, as part of my massive (annual-ish) room-tidying project (it's ongoing), I would change my bedcovers. I'd washed my favourite set at the weekend and they were all ready to go on. Can I just say, at the risk of sounding a little sad, that I LOVE the first sleep after a bedcover change???

Except when you're trying to insert the quilt into the duvet cover and end up showered in washing powder. Big chunks of it.

Yeah, THAT??? Not so nice. I've already got my second favourite bedspread in the washing machine ready to play substitute to the sheets I'm more-than-likely going to have an allergic reaction to. And looking despairingly at the carpet, which is covered in little granules of powder. LOVELY! Right now I'm glad I was leaving vacuuming until the last stage of the massive (annual-ish) room-tidying project. I think the project may have been aborted for the evening. Especially since I'm tired, and pissed off and . . . oh yeah, drinking some rose. (I managed to stay on the wagon for three whole days this time!) But tomorrow night . . . I'll be ALL over that shit. I promise.

Aren't you amazed I managed to go several days without a full-on rant? I suppose I can at least be proud of that.

Oh yeah and soon??? I'll be getting some curly-fries, courtesy of my lovely flatmate. Things are looking up already . . .


  1. I have fresh bed covers tonight, and am just about to hit the shower to make the experience of bedtime that much better.

  2. Ah, that is a rough start. Glad things are looking up with the fries.

  3. There is nothing worse than getting up late. You feel like you are ragged and out of breath for so long afterwards-- and the day's only just begun!

    You get a break soon, my dear! Just hold on a little longer!!!

  4. oh wow, poor thing! I'm with though on the sleep on fresh sheets/covers. Bliss!

  5. Oh man - I had a bad day like that recently. When you get up late, I feel like it might be better to write the whole day off and stay in bed! And - I agree that the first sleep after changed sheets is the best !


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