Wednesday, 31 December 2008


12 hours to go . . .

. . . until 2009, of course. At least, it is in the UK. Obviously some of you will be waiting longer than that, others are on the verge of getting there already. Weird, right? Remember when the Millennium was approaching and people were predicting it would be the end of the world? All I could keep thinking was what time zone would the end of the world use as a basis . . .

Anyway, I'm predictably spending the last day of 2008 in my bed. Well, I have actually already got out of it to have a shower. Then I got back in bed. It's kinda cold. I might go out, I might be meeting up with a friend for lunch. I'm not too fussed either way. It would be great to see my friend as it's been a good few weeks, and I have this awesome gold metallic mini I got off the Mango outlet website that I am dying to wear (any excuse, right?) but if I DON'T have to traipse into the city centre it's not going to be the end of the world.

My can't-really-be-arsed vibes also extend towards tonight's activities. I couldn't actually be bothered to make any plans. It seems my friends have similar feelings. I have never been a fan of Hogmanay anyway, and could count on one hand the number of times I have officially went out and celebrated it. My last two New Years were low-key, but I enjoyed them more than most of the other years. Ironically, the person I spent my New Year's eve with two years ago and the person I spent my New Year's eve with last year are people who no longer appear to be my friends. Which isn't exactly going to help with my animosity towards THIS New Year.

I honestly just don't see the point of NY. I mean, I know the point of it in the context of the CALENDAR but . . . WHY do we celebrate it? Why is it so overpriced? It's basically just like going out on a Saturday night except having to pay extra money for the privilege of being squashed together like sardines in a packed pub, club, flat or street.

So I think my plan this year is to stay in and get drunk. If other people want to stay in and get drunk too, that's fine. This plan may change - I may be given a fabulous opportunity to do something else . . . but I doubt it somehow. I genuinely can't see myself getting that enthused about ANYTHING today.

But we'll see . . .

So . . . in case I'm not back later, I'll say "Happy New Year" now. Hope it's a good one. For all of us! :)


  1. Happy New Year! I agree with you about the 2000/world ending thing! Which timezone!

  2. More holiday hating - I love it :) But seriously - New years Eve is overrated. Especially since I have to work today and it is snowing!
    Hope you have fun staying in and drinking - that is my plan too! Cheers to a great '09

  3. Happy New year whatever you end up doing! ill be hiding with a few friends in a small flat. With 2 bottles of champagne. No street party for me. :)

  4. I think at the Oz end of the world it's already 2009, so Happy New Year! :D Here's to a fab 2009!

  5. "My can't-really-be-arsed vibes"

    Does this include Wild ARS's? Because I'd hate to be left out...
    I hope you have a great, drunken New Years

  6. AMEN sista, isn't this the truth! And it gives my such warm fuzzies when, for the next month and a half, my gym will be abnormally packed full of NY's resolution makers (at least I know they'll die off around March). The BF and I prefer to stay home, play the Wii and get drunk here. No excess money spending, no crowds, no worrying about how to get home... it's the best! Happy NY love!

  7. Happy New Year sweety :)

    I think it's all a little overated too, I have been invited to a nieghbours party tonight so will pop over there at some point tonight - maybe to see 12am in with some company but I dont think i'll be there all night.

    Enjoy your wine, I'll be enjoying my rasperry sourz and lemonade! x

  8. love the layout! happy new year!
    maybe you could send me some the chloe perfume i'm dying to have from the

  9. Happy New Year Polly! I'll get wasted for you and come back home from partying at 8 or 9 in the morning, the Argentinian way baby! :P xoxo

  10. It really IS overpriced! That's why I'll actually be working instead.

    And then hanging out with my mom and her friends at midnight so I can mooch on a whole lotta free food!

  11. happy new years P.
    yeah new years is all overrated


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