Sunday, 28 December 2008


  • I am 29 but essentially live like a student (despite the fact me and all my flatmates work full-time)
  • I have never lived with a guy (unless you count the insane male Chinese flatmate who lived in the room next door for a bit and terrified me more than a little - I don't count him, surprisingly)
  • I am single and still (occasionally) randomly snog guys I barely know - usually wildly inappropriate ones
  • I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with my life
  • I still cry about the most ridiculous things
  • I have no savings. Well, I have fifty pounds in a savings account but I had nearly two grand more four years ago.
  • I spend a ridiculous amount of money a month on clothes, dvds, cds, books and socialising (hence the aforementioned problem with savings)
  • I can't cook for shit.
  • The thought of having kids still terrifies me (hell, I've never even had a pregnancy scare. Although, to be honest, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Right???)
  • The longest relationship I ever had was less than 18 months.

Can anyone else identify??? (God, I hope so . . . )


  1. lol i can totally identify! great list!

  2. I am not a grown up either. Frankly I never want to be. It just does not seem fun.

  3. No, you sound like a member of our generation. They should just re-name it to generation ADD: we have no attention span.

  4. I can relate on all of them...I'm currently sitting on a couch purchased at a thrift store because I don't have any savings either because as you can see I buy ridiculous dresses instead. I spent about $400 on them which is why I'm suffering from the huge amount of buyer's remorse. That money could be spent on a new couch or saved for something else practical. And I put them on the credit card I'm trying to pay off.


    So yes, I totally relate.

  5. Besides the whole never having lived with a guy thing, this sounds like I wrote this list. Especially having no savings and "occasionally snogging random guys" LOLOLOL. I'm 26.

  6. You're 29, you have every right not to be a complete grown up yet :) Live it up while you can!!

  7. love your new blog background .. congrats :)

    no worries u r doing fine, feeling much younger is way better than feeling older. I can be a 2 years old at times, and a 30 at times..

  8. Ha! I completely agree!

    I am 30 but essentially live like a student, Im also single and still (occasionally) randomly snog guys I barely know - usually wildly inappropriate ones (who are 5 years younger!)amd the thought of having kids def still terrifies me (I've never even had a pregnancy scare either!)

  9. give me 2 months and I can check everything on that list except I live with parents and I can cook, that I know. Besides that Yeah I am a 20 year old living in a 29 year old body

  10. "snog" is completely underused in Canada.

  11. i'm fairly close to broke yet i spent most of saturday in a casino.

    does that count?

  12. I'm going on 23 and barely starting to learn how to handle money. Savings seem like another 10 years away.

    Also, I keep mistaking myself for an 18-year-old. My sister is 15, and every time she says something like, "aren't you old enough to cook your own dinner?" The first thing that comes to mind is, "Jeeze! I'm only 18!"

  13. i'm freakin' getting married next year and i'm definitely NOT a grown-up. EEP!

    totes relate.

  14. Yes to no savings account, food in the kitchen that needs to be microwaved and no long term relationship history.

  15. Yes, definitely can identify. Although, I'm trying to be more adult about my money.

  16. I can definitely relate. And, I love the new blog design.

  17. I'm with you on #4,5,6,7,8 and 9

    So you're not alone! xx

  18. I can identify with..

    I am single and still (occasionally) randomly snog guys I barely know - usually wildly inappropriate ones

    *I have issues remembering their names too..

    I have no savings.
    I can't cook for shit.



    the whole kids and relationship thing doesnt apply as I was with the ex for 8yrs and we have 2 kids :o) but, I must say I think most people are afraid of these huge commitments, both are life changing afterall. xx


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