Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Last week my sister and brother-in-law (MY brother-in-law, not HERS. One, that would be sick and two, I don't have a husband!) were in Gran Canaria.* One morning, I was on my way out the door to work, feeling a bit disorganised. (Not much of a change there). I grabbed my purse and phone, text my flatmate quickly to ask if she was ready,** stuck my make-up in my bag and hunted down my jacket. As I was doing my usual anally-retentive ritual of checking I had my keys and work fob in my bag, my flatmate replied to say she was indeed ready. I quickly deleted the message, as if on autopilot and, without putting my phone back to the main screen where it would automatically lock, I slung my phone into my bag with my purse and headed towards my bedroom door.

As I went to open the door I could hear a distant ringing noise, like a phone. "Hmm, that must be one of my flatmates," I thought. "That's why it's so quiet."

Next thing I heard a little voice. I was sure it was saying "Hello? Paula? Paula?"

It appeared to be coming from my bag. There was a VOICE inside my bag.

Actually for the time of morning, I remarkably put two and two together very quickly. Upon deleting my flatmate's message, my phone had settled on the next message, one sent by my sis the night before, and because it is a touch screen, had managed to phone it. My sister had been woken up at seven am abroad by her family ringing and had obviously panicked and thought something bad had happened.

In the meantime, I had started to think I was going insane . . .

This morning, I was sitting in work when I thought heard a tiny little voice. "Not again," I said aloud, and leaned down to my bag. I was convinced I had managed to phone someone again, but I was wrong, I had clearly imagined it. "Man, I thought my bag was talking to me again," I said to my colleague.

He sniggered. "Perhaps best not to say that again," he suggested. "People might start to wonder about you."

You mean they're not already???

Cheer-Me-Up Tuesday time??? Here is an old MTV advert which used to never fail to make me smile . . .***

*My family are operating a sort of Canary Island rota at the moment, with my dad and brother going to GC the day before my sister got back and me and my mum going to Fuerteventura the day before THEY get back. Fun, right???

**I know that it sounds like the height of laziness, but I live in a flat with six bedrooms, and she is at the opposite end of the flat. It's actually kind of a long way to walk in the morning!

***NICE underwear . . . not!!!


  1. I hate when the phone dials without your knowledge! I've even called an ex-boyfriend accidentally that way!

  2. I live in terror of accidentally calling someone. It's part of the reason I insist on having a flip-phone.

    And I'm jealous of your family's GC rotation.

  3. I love this quote
    Man, I thought my bag was talking to me again.

  4. well...i think i'd love to talk to my bag, lol!!...

    loving your blog!!

    have a nice day..

  5. Love this, just the thing to make me smile first thing in the morning

  6. when this happens to me, i know i really need to sleep. haha.

  7. when this happens to me, i know i really need to sleep. haha.

  8. I don't know whether I should admit something quite tragic about that MTV video ...

    Hmmm - maybe I should - I mean, you admitted thinking your bag was talking to you! :p

  9. lol I'm sorry, this is so funny!!


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