Saturday, 25 October 2008


Don't you just love looking at old photos from your past??? Man, does it bring back memories, and make you realise how old you are getting. Or perhaps that's just me.

Anyway, I was looking through my photos earlier and found the selection below . . . I just thought it might be fun to share them really! So here goes . . .

Me and my brother and sis (I'm the one in the yellow dress) - from the age my brother looks I'm thinking this was circa 1988. In fact, I'm pretty sure it is, as I think this was the day of my school trip to the Glasgow Garden Festival. I can't believe how tiny we all are - things change!!! (Even the door of the house, where my parents still live now, has changed colour now!)

Another one avec family (from the previous pic you can probably guess I'm the one on the right - and yes I AM a natural brunette!) on holiday one year. It looks like we're at a model village and me and my brother are proudly sporting our Pontin's Crocodile Club t-shirts!!!
This one is of me at my First Communion - probably the one and only time I'll have a white dress made for me!

Me and my sis in jail . . . er, I mean, at Blackpool Pleasure Beach as teenagers!

Just after my graduation from uni with my friend L. How unflattering graduation ceremony robes are!!! I suppose I should be relieved I didn't have to wear the hat!
Me with my friends D and S. This was 2002. A guy with a polaroid camera stopped us in Sauchiehall Street as we were on our way to The Garage, and offered to take pics of us for a quid each. We said yes, of course, possibly due to the alcohol we'd already consumed, and also probably since we had forgotten a camera.

Me at a friend's 21st party in 2003. I ended up snogging an 18 year old that night (a fact I am still getting slagged about to this day since I was 23) and I also lost my phone, which I was devastated about.

This was me at out for my friend D's 25th birthday in 2005. I can't remember where we went but I DO remember I didn't last all that long. Damn alcohol!!!

This is me and my gran (the one who died earlier this year) at our family's Christmas 2006 celebrations - I think it's the last picture I have of me and her together.
This was when we went out for mother's day in 2007. I can't remember the name of the restaurant we were in, but this is me and my mum. It kinda looks like I'm just sitting next to a life sized picture of her though, doesn't it???
And this is me with my siblings - looking slightly older than we did in the first picture, right???
Anyway, that's me done sharing now!!!


  1. Sweet trip through memory lane - always fun!

  2. Aww, werent you a cute little kid!

  3. Ah, this is such a nice thing to do; showing all the different stages of your life - the first communion one is incredible, I didn't know they dressed you up like little brides!! Good to find your blog again- I'll be back!

  4. Fun! I love looking at old pictures, lol.

  5. Awww cute! And you're pretty :)

  6. i LOVE taking trips down memory lane

  7. I was just thinking of doing this, but I don't have access to my old pictures right now. How fun. You're adorable.

  8. yeah pics , I love pics!!! They are so sweet.
    Love the one from your communion, you look adorable..still are.

  9. Awww! You've always been adorable by the looks of it! :D


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