Friday, 10 October 2008


Today was an okay day once again. I got loads accomplished in the morning, went out for a nice lunch with a couple of my friends, and in the afternoon finally got some stuff sorted out workwise that's been bugging me for a while. So feeling quite good now, despite the fact I have still tons to do to get ready for my holibags.

Is taking nine books overkill??? Possibly. But probably not. Seriously, I go through them like lightning on holiday. And a couple of them are only small. I quite often plan what books I'm taking with me like it's a millitary operation. I know it's sad, but if I start to run out while on holiday I get panicky.

I still haven't completely decided what to take clothes wise either. You see, generally we go half board but this time we're going self catering. Which is kinda a relief to be honest as generally I don't really like the buffets they tend to put on in half board places. But my mum isn't a big eating-out person, so we will probably stay in a lot, and therefore I won't need many dressy clothes. But I LIKE to dress up on holiday. I don't know about you but I'm far more likely to wear a dress, short skirt or hotpants than I am abroad than I am at any other time. Even in the summer in Scotland, I'm more likely to stick to jeans. So holidays give me a sense of freedom, I guess, fashion-wise.

Anyway, guess I'd better get back to it now. The suitcase is flapping open emptily, I feel like it's yelling at me. You all remember my feelings on packing, right???


  1. no, 15 books would be overkill ;)

  2. I'm with you on holiday fashion. For some reason, the idea of knowing that NO ONE knows me well enough to comment on my outfit, makes me reach for (and pack!) all the things I normally would avoid.

  3. I take a lot of books with me too, though I am a complete book worm so like you I get panicky if I start to run out!

    Had to laugh about your comment about dressing up on holiday. I live in Spain now, and when you live in a holiday resort you go the opposite way we always look so scruffy and when we get people on holiday all dressed up we’re completely jealous!

  4. i don't think it matters how hot someone is, hot pants should be a no no.

    Can't you be like a guy and take your nicest pairs of jeans, and a couple of different shirts? That way you have more than 1 outfit, not that you should need more.

    "The reason men's feet smell is that they only ever own 2 or 3 pairs of shoes...their feet get sort of....marinated."

  5. Confused American boy WildArs: "Excuse me, what's a half-board?"
    Smart Europeans: "You're so uneducated."
    WildArs: "I won't deny it."


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