Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Here's a fascinating fact about myself. I've not been to a hairdresser since I was seventeen.

That's right, nearly twelve years. I don't like hairdressers. I'm not sure why. I rely on home hair-dye kits for my blondeness, and family members for haircuts.

I would hate to BE a hairdresser too. On my feet all day - blurgh. Probably having to inhale dodgy chemicals, and make inane conversation with customers. Man. sometimes I find it hard enough to talk to people I actually WANT to talk to.

And now here's another reason why I would hate to be a hairdresser. I just read this in the small ads of my magazine . . .

Don't suffer in silence - HairLawyers are the UK's first dedicated compensation service run by legal experts in hair injury.

It's got the obligatory freephone number, a website . . . I'm distressed by the whole thing, frankly. Suddenly ambulance-chasing has sprung into regular everyday life. It's invaded girl-world.

One of the reasons, I now remember, that I don't like going to the hairdressers, is because I RARELY like the results. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has left the salon struggling not to cry, after nodding and smiling through gritted teeth and saying "it's lovely', not wanting to offend. Fact is, more often than not, once I get home and style it myself, it's okay. But at the time, I am mortified to even go out in public . . . just to walk home!!! Man, I guess the whole hair area is RIPE for exploitation.

Imagine if HairLawyers takes off. You'll have desperate lawyers stationed outside every big salon, watching for someone with bad hair coming out and crying so they can swoop in and offer to "represent" them. They'll probably be going up to people who left the salon feeling confident and sexy and imply that they look crap, just to get more business.

I feel even MORE sorry for hairdressers now . . .


  1. That is a slightly scary thought - what will they stoop to next?

  2. wow 12 yearss!!!! i though my hairdress phobia was bad...I hardly let people cut my hair, but i make sure to trip it still every two months...but i am very nazi when i show them what I mean with ONE CM means ONE CM and not TEN.

  3. I feel the same way about hairdressers. Except possibly not quite so strongly. I make myself go once or twice a year, when my hair desperately needs cutting again. But I dye it myself! :-)

    I hope HairLawyers naver makes it to Switzerland!!!

  4. I can't believe you've not been to the hairdresser in nearly 12 years!! I need to go every 4-5 weeks as my hair gets really thick, and I need it thinning out more than anything.

    "hair injury" - Hmmmm, as hair doesn't hurt to be cut, and as far as I'm aware, you still can't sue people in the UK for psychological damamge (only physiological), then I'm quite certain this would (or should) get laughed out of court!! I would hope so anyway - that's ridiculous! And let's face it, with the time "compensation" cases would take, wouldn't the hair have grown out/be rectified by then?! *rolls eyes* MADNESS!

  5. Oh my gosh. Sounds like you've had some really bad experiences.

    I ADORE visiting my hairdresser, Emma. It's the one thing I won't deny myself. I'd go without a weeks worth of lunches for that long Saturday morning in the salon, catching up on all the trashy mags, being totally pampered and preened. *sigh* I'm actually doing it next Saturday. Can't wait.

    Elle has a good point about the hair growing out before the case gets heard. Ha ha.

  6. hair lawyers?!?! that is crazy. what kind of classes would you have to take to become a hair lawyer??

  7. Oy... now there is going to be waivers when someone comes in asking for their long hair to be all chopped off!!


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