Monday, 6 October 2008


I looked outside this afternoon and realised, to my shock, it was getting dark.

At 3.45 pm!!!

(To be honest, this was more to do with the fact that it was raining than anything else, but it reminded me that summer truly has gone.)

For some reason, autumn and winter always sneaks up on me. I don't know why. Perhaps because summer is never REALLY summer in Glasgow. You get the odd heatwave early on in the summer (occasionally the best heatwave actually surprises you in April) and although it's rarely COLD in winter, it DOES rain a lot. Therefore the day I look out the window and realise how dark it is for the time of day, it's only to be expected, but a bit of a shock all the same.

The other reason I can always tell winter is kicking in, other than the weather cooling drastically and the sun heading for bed early, is the fact that my mood takes a definite shift downward.

I know, surprising right?I bet you thought I was this sunny and positive and optimistic all the time, huh?


But seriously, I do firmly subscribe to the theory that the sun affects your mood. Therefore I'm far happier in the summer than I am in, say, January. When it's nice outside, I want to be outside. I get more fresh air. I feel healthier. When the sun shines, I can sit in the park with a book or a friend and BASK. (Admittedly I get the opportunity to do this rarely, but it is FAR rarer in the winter. ) I have a suntan!!! (A proper one, not one created by risking my health in a sunbed, or a fake one that smells like stale biscuits). I'm more content.

When winter hits, I feel down a lot more. And it's already affecting my health, I feel. I seem to be becoming one big allergy recently. My rings are irritating my fingers. My neck is breaking out in dry red patches. I bruise more easily apparently (seriously, that bruise on my bum from falling off the bar stool more than a week ago is STILL massive and dark and three bruises mysteriously appeared on the inside of my arm earlier). And my state of mind is affected. I get upset about the silly things, sweat the small stuff. I should look on the positive side - like, okay, it's annoying that apparently I'm not trusted enough to be someone's out-of-office contact, but hey, at least it means I don't get bogged down in emails in their absence I guess. It still upsets me though.

Anyway, this year I'm making an early resolution - fuck waiting until New Year and all that bollocks! This winter, I'm going to try to be more positive.


Let's see how long I last . . .

Anyway, so as not to end on a COMPLETE downer, here is a post that totally cracked me up today, courtesy of my good bloggy friend Chele. Funny, accurate AND alcohol-related . . . what more could you want???


  1. OK, I agree with you on this one, because I'm fairly certain I have the same thing. Once the holidays are over, I'm all melancholy and the infinite sadness until spring arrives. Did you know that they make special lamps to treat people with S.A.D.? They emit special light that replicates the sunlight we don't get as much of during winter, which is the reason you get sad. True story.

  2. I've heard that too Andy! About the lights I mean.

    I definitely get more moody in the winter. January and February are the worst/coldest/darkest months here. The temp can drop to minus 30c brrr.

    That's why I always plan a vacation for February or March - somewhere hot and preferably tropical!!

  3. Aw. I find cold nose is my biggest symptom but I try and let something make me smile about winter! You're right though, sun does affect mood!

  4. I'm trying not to be affected this year by focusing on the things I adore about fall, like Halloween, Thanksgiving (you could celebrate it, too! Take a five-day weekend, and I promise you will feel good), and Christmas. I love carving pumpkins, corn mazes, picking apples, cider, my snow boots, and gloves. And even if some days I don't love those things as much as I love bikinis and the beach, I have to keep telling myself I do so I feel better.

  5. I agree. I will try to be more positive this winter, too...and perhaps look into these lamps that Andy spoke of...

  6. Have you ever heard of light boxes? It's just a little light you can buy, and you use it when you wake up in the morning. Both research, and the experiences of some friends have been really positive...

    (sorry for the unsolicited advice!!)

  7. I remember the last 3 years living in Norway, November to feb I would have a bad case of S.A.D
    Again one of the reasons i came back to Asia. It is true the weather really does affect your mood.


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