Thursday, 18 September 2008


I literally don't have the energy to post anything original tonight. I had so many ideas, and tried to type them but it didn't work. Who the fuck cares right? I could type a million funny things and it wouldn't mean anything right?? So whatever.

So here you go. Unoriginality-and-who-really-gives-a-fuck-dot-com . . .

And also I want to say about a new band I have found courtesy of Jessica Maria of Tried to Live Forever Everyday of the Year . . . Dragonette. I got their album after checking out their myspace and it rocks. It may actually be my favourite album of the year! You need examples??? No problemo . . .


  1. I always wish I was witty enough to think of something to write like that on a test if I didn't know the answer. I feel like, even if I didn't get any points for the question, at least I'd make the teacher laugh.

  2. how did you get a copy of my AP calc test?

    I swear I drew pictures, but mine weren't that funny.

  3. From what I remember teachers appreciated that type of humor.. just as long as you weren't serious.

  4. YAY! I saw them live last night - SO AMAZING!!! I'm seeing them again tonight :)

  5. I love that one with the Elephant. Good thing I'm not a teacher...that kid would've gotten an A. Have fun going out tonight! I think that's what your twitter thingy says. I'm twitter handicapped.

  6. I always wonder what these teachers are thinking when they come across answers like that


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