Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Today I decided to wear a skirt and heels to work, which I haven't done in ages. Of late I tend to end up wearing my jeans and scruffy ballet pumps as the dress code in my department isn't too strict and it's easier to just have to choose a top to wear in the morning than a whole outfit. Don't get me wrong though, I still make an effort . . . or at least so I thought!

But today I was getting so many "oh don't you look smart today" remarks that I was starting to get a little paranoid that maybe I AM usually a complete mess. One of the guys in my department even asked me if I "had an interview . . . or a court appearance."


But nothing could beat the email from one of my other colleagues which read:

"May I say you are looking very smart today . . . and your outfit is quite nice too!"

So according to him not only am I usually a mess, but I usually look stupid too?

Man, that's a back handed compliment if ever I got one . . .


  1. oh dear... well, i'll tell you something, someone asked if I was pregnant today :( No - I am not and I am Not impressed *cry*

  2. Don't look into it like that! Half full! Half full!

    Everyone loves a skirt/heels combo!

  3. I can totally relate. I usually wear jeans (or capris) and a shirt. Well I found in the summer it's just as easy to pull on a sun dress. Every time I did someone would be like 'oh you look very nice today'. I guess I don't look nice in my jeans? whatev I just like to be comfy ;)

  4. I'm the same. The moment I step out of jeans (a rare occurrence) people remark on how different I look!

  5. Take it for what it's worth. After years of wearing nothing but sweat suits and track pants to school because of sports, I got that reaction to when I finally realized that I wanted to look good.

    It's more of a shock factor than anything. And it's not saying that people don't like the way you look before. It's just that clothes are very powerful and when people see you in something different than you usually wear, people say stupid things even though they mean well.

  6. I'm with's just something they're not used to! Don't take it as a bad thing.

    My work dress code is business-casual (even though it's a call centre) so I usually wear trousers and a (usually black) blouse. But on the couple of occassions I've actual had interviews straight from work it's been a challenge to hide it as they can spot the unfamiliar smartness a long way off!

  7. The one time I wore a dress to work I was asked the same question...."Do you have an interview today or something"? Haha, I'm usually pretty lazy and wear jeans and a nice shirt. Or my company polo. Usually my company polo. Extra lazy.

  8. I don't necessarily think that your coworkers think you look like a mess, but they just noticed that you dressed a little nicer today. It was kind of like you gave them a little present.

  9. HAHAHA that e-mail from your coworker is HYSTERICAL! But if that were me, I may actually be a bit offended. Or, he may just have a lil crush on you.

  10. What this actually means is that on this day all the men you work with were thinking about sleeping with can take that however you'd like.....I tend to laugh at them and their silly distractibility.


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