Saturday, 20 September 2008


To be honest, I'm a little disappointed I don't have more interesting search terms than these. But these are the best of a bad bunch I guess . . .

my sister has big boobs and i can't stop stairing at them (yes, "stairing" - the new "staring"?)

"you look smart today" (thank you!)

insane brain tests (I think I passed that one anyway . . .)

my ballet desperate for the loo (Huh? Is it a ballet about being desperate for the loo? Cos I'm not sure who would go to see that . . . )

my job interview desperate for the loo (I'm sensing a theme here . . .)

my receptionist desperate for the loo (maybe you should let her go then? to the toilet I mean!)

woman who aren't afriad to insert contact lenses (obvious spelling error aside, that certainly sums ME up!)

you totally got it!! (got what exactly???)

Can I tell you something that's bugging me? These people slagging off Travis Barker and DJ AM. Don't get me wrong, I barely know who they are and aren't a fan of either of them. But people laughing about them getting burnt in the plane crash? (See some of the comments here to see what I mean.) That's seriously not cool. Four people died, those two barely escaped with their lives, and people are JOKING about it??? Fuck sake, NO ONE deserves this.

Anyway, rant over, sorry. That was just really bugging me, I read those comments and it really pissed me off. Man, I almost wish it was Tuesday cos I could use a cheer up. Fuck it, who cares, I'll find one anyway. (Something to cheer me up, I mean, not a Tuesday. I know where that is, after all - just a couple of days away!).

These are pretty good.

And this clip always makes me laugh . . .


  1. wow your search terms are very strange...
    my sister has big bobs and i cant stop staring at them

  2. does she??? was that YOU, Chele??? ;) Hehe just kidding!

  3. someone obviously has a problem with finding the bathroom or something... random!

  4. I've been using Google Analytics, and some of the search terms that people use to find my blog have been completely ridiculous. It's good for a laugh, at the least.

    I hadn't heard that people are talking about Travis Barker and DJ AM like that. When i heard about the crash, I was upset--I may not be a big fan of either artist, but people died in that crash. It's scary.

    Have you visited Postsecret today? The Sunday secrets always cheer me up.

  5. The people that comment on those gossip sites are usually morons. I read them, but never really comment.


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