Saturday, 13 September 2008


Yesterday afternoon I was sitting at my desk in the office, minding my own business, when one of my colleagues came up to me. "Paula, can you send me your Tinkerbell screensaver thing?" she asked. "I saw it earlier and I really want it for my pc."

"No worries," said I. "I'm not really sure how to send it though?"

"If you can just give me the link, that would be fine," she replied. "I can work it out for myself from there."

As she walked away, one of the guys on my team started laughing. He was there the day I put Tinkerbell on as my wallpaper. "She wants Tinkerbell too then?" he commented, with a distinct tone of mocking in evidence.

"Hey!" I protested. "You can't fight the fairy!" (I'm not sure why, it just came out).

He laughed harder.

Then I remembered that there is a gay guy in my department and I didn't want him to think that I was talking about him (it's funny the things that cross your mind sometimes). I was eager to remedy this.

"I mean, because they have magic wands!" I said.

"Indeed!" he replied, his laughter getting louder.

Yes, in my own special way, I made things worse . . .

And speaking of worse . . .

I don't even remember doing this, but last night in the pub I was sitting next to a guy I didn't know. Okay, I remember THAT much. I even remember asking, for a joke, if he was really friends with the guy who had brought him out or if the guy in question had just hired him to pretend to be his friend.

I thought that was actually quite funny. I would, I said it after all. What I don't remember is saying to him

"Well if you like him you must like to shag dead people."

Seriously, why would anyone say such a thing? Yet, I have it on good authority that I did. I can't even think back in my head as to a logical explanation why I would say such a thing though. Remember in my previous post how I said I quite often say things that are a little inappropriate. Well, I went WAAAAYYYY past the line on this occasion and I'm mortified. (not mort as in the french version of dead, I should clarify). I can be such an idiot sometimes!!!


  1. ohhhhh dear hahahaha

    I'd like to think I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that all fairy references at work were about me

  2. special wand hey?? Is that what you call them over there?!

  3. so what did the guy say/do when you delivered that priceless line of you must like to shag dead people?? I do wonder what you were thinking when that came to mind, so funny.

  4. The people at your work are something else.


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