Thursday, 24 July 2008


Yesterday we had a fire alarm. Which only served to confirm my belief that firemen are NOT hot.

Yes, we are programmed to BELIEVE men im uniform in hot . . . But, nay, men in uniform around these parts are quite patently not.

They are, in fact, ugly. At least, the ones who happen to be on shift when our work fire alarm calls them to battle.

So not only do I have to endure twenty minutes of excruciating heat (that I'm NOT complaining about) with tons of insects diving into my cleavage (I'm complaining about THAT!) , I have to look at non-stereotypical fireman as well???

Man, it's a wonder I leave my bed in the morning . . .


  1. So not fair. Firemen have to be hot - it's in the job description - hellloooo

  2. its a total myth, I have never seen a hot fireman

  3. You are so right, they are never hot. It is so disappointing. The only time I ever see a hot fireman is on a calendar.

  4. I'm very sorry your firemen are not hot....that is ridiculously sad.

  5. Guess that means I can get a job in that department...


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