Tuesday, 8 July 2008


I always loathed maths in high school. I wasn't BAD at it, in fact I was better than they realised at first - they actually tried to move me up to the top section - I refused because all the guys I fancied were in my section; I just thought it was a bit of a waste. Who needs to work out angles of things or what a represents in the equation (a + b)/c =d? I'm sure some people use this knowledge later in life, but I certainly never have had to - and never wanted to. As far as I was concerned, the second I left school, that was that with the maths.

Which makes it especially odd to me why I'm finding Dr Kawashima's Brain Training so utterly addictive . . .

For the last month, I've only missed a day of it. And that was only because I was at that pub quiz with my sis and colleague and never made it home until nearly one in the morning (according to my sister anyway - as you'll recall, I don't actually REMEMBER getting home). Even the other night when I was drunk I passed out with the Nintendo DS in my hand - sometimes i do actually get better results when I'm drunk. But seriously, who would have thought mental arithmetic would be so much fun???

I tend to just stick to the training; I don't do the brain age check very often as I don't really like the tests you have to do for that - and I've currently got a brain age of 24 so don't want to screw that up. One day I had to answer the door to the Domino's delivery guy mid brain-age-check and ended up with a brain age of 78 . . . so I'm a bit wary of it ever since understandably!

I used to be addicted to the Sims 2, but that's rather fallen by the wayside now. In fact, I haven't popped by in so long, that the electricity must have been out in the hotel for MONTHS. Everyone must be stumbling around in the dark in Sims world. After I managed to defeat the aliens and Optimum Alfred (an admirable attempt if i say so myself - especially after I spent ages trying to pluck up the courage to face them and telling my boyfriend at the time that I switched the DS off everytime they appeared on screen), I rather lost interest and turned my attention to Supermario instead. But Brain Training has taken over now as the new favourite. And you know, I actually feel like it's making a difference. I feel like my brain feels a bit less fuzzy now.

See? Sometimes computer games can be good for you!!! Just like the way facebook is helping me type faster with it's typing test (I believe I'm at 97 words a minute now, although that's obviously my personal best - not my average) and making me feel brainier with the IQ test . . . And then there's the Nintendo Wii which can help you to exercise (and next on my purchase list!) What the heck is next???? The mind boggles . . .

Anyway, given the day it is (ie Tuesday), I leave you with the first couple of scenes from one of my favourite ever comedies . . .


  1. Ah Spaced - the best sitcom ever :)

    Did you ever watch Big Train? Where Simon Pegg basically cut his teeth and equally funny!

  2. How did I miss that one? Great stuff :-)

  3. first of all, i love how u didnt want to move classes cuz all the cute guys were in ur section already :)
    second, facebook is awesome! :)
    and third, Wii totally gives u a workout!

  4. Wii's rock.

    And yes, I think we all thought math was over once we ended high school!

  5. Red Squirrel - I actually never got around to it, may see if I can check it out on youtube when I have a minute!

    UC - It rocked! Truly . . .

    C & F - well, let's face it, boring maths is always more interesting if you have something pretty to look at . . ;)

    Knikki - . . . and when maths DOES rear it's ugly head in the real world . . . well, that's what CALCULATORS are for surely???

  6. I so need to buy myself some sort of nintendo or playstation to get with the crowd.

  7. lol spaced. Simon Pegg is Genius.

    I hated maths. Nuff said.

    as for the brain training, i'd say i'm too brainy for it, but truth is i get frustrated with too many wrong answers and stuff. My memory sucks lol

  8. God I love Spaced. I miss the UK comedy. So glad I have the aussie equivalent to sky and get to watch the UK channel.

    S X

  9. Fuck, I've just watched that all the way through, I am pissing myself.


  10. Is that the guy from Sean of the Dead? I love him!! And I hate math. Unlike you I have always been terrible at it!

  11. Facebook has a typing test?

  12. oh my ga i used to be obsessed with the Sims 2. But then my computer got too slow to run it. I swear the minute I get a new computer I'm going to start playing it 24/7 again.


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