Thursday, 17 July 2008

The futures holidays are for me.....

POST SOUNDTRACK: Futures by Zero 7

Hello, I am Chele, usually my blog is over at Tambourine Wonderland but my dearest Paula has asked me to guest blog here today. Though I have never met Paula, I dig her and think of her as a dear friend so of course I said yes. She also has the best humor and I love it when women make me laugh. (That might have come out wrong, but I will let it slip.)

I am seriously stuck with writers block, forgot to ask P for a topic to blog about as well so you will have to bear with wherever direction this post might take you. Kind of like a roller coaster ride in the dark, dont quite know whats coming.

For those who have never read my blog let me briefly introduce myself. I am a 28 year old Oriental Viking. Mom is the Oriental part, Dad is the Viking = me.
All my posts have soundtracks (started that recently) and the title is always a line from that song.
My writing is all over the place, it has no structure and I think that is my charm. The unexpected. I can be dead on heavy serious about really deep deep shit, then just blah and the out loud hilarious (yes I am) Like I said its like entering a wonderland with a thousand different rides. My worst habit is over now, will get get on with the program now,

I live in Bangkok, which is really the most exciting city to live in. I call it the New York of Asia. Of course I have never actually been to New York, so it would not be fair of me to make such a grand comparison.
This city never sleeps, diversity is found in every street and culture is presented in various ways.
You hear sounds of cars, motorcycles and people overlapping. The noise pollution is almost a symphony if you connect all the sounds together. Aromas from smelly water, weird smelly food to the most inviting delicious food will hint your nostrils at all hours. Its hard to describe, but it is really a city of its own. It will cast a spell on you, because once you are here you will never ever forget your Bangkok experience.

Here in Thailand people take superstition seriously, karma is not something one shall joke with.
People will seek palm readers, tarots, monks, astrologers, chart specialists; you name it, before they make a major decision. This is how it has always been.
I used to be very seduced by the whole art of fortune telling to the point it became unhealthy.
I wanted to know about my future, what would happen with my love life would I ever get married...and all the standard questions on a woman's mind.

I have seen and experienced many things that you might describe as new age.
Predictions have come true and I do have the deepest respect for such crafts if I may call it that.

Isnt strange though how all the good fortune tellers are these poor old people who seem to only own a camping chair and a fucked up table with 10 inch legs???
See my theory is, the more you tackle with destiny and what lies ahead, the worse it gets for you.
You are not supposed to know and open that future gate, it creates a shift in the universe.
(YES I read ALLOT of cartoons about sci-fi and I am science obsessed so it makes me even more geeky in the whole restore universal balance)

I don't really know if I am religious or atheist but I do believe in something. I go to church and do hail Marys when I feel all holy and what The Lord Jesus Christ (that said in Will Ferrell style) can offer me. Other days I feel more spiritual and will go to a temple and meditate to Hindu mantras, then when I feel to send out some karma to the world I go to the Buddhist temple, hear the monk chant and pray that I will get really rich. I cant really pick one, I mean there isn´t a rule that you shall only pick one GOD?? OK there is a rule like that, but that is just the Gods being narcissist.

I guess and I know that tapping with knowing what is in store for me just does not seems right.
Why are us women so attracted to knowing the future?
The last time I ever saw a fortune teller was in 2003.

Today I wondered if I traveled from the future and told myself what I would be doing with my life for the next 20 years, would I choose to listen?
Would YOU want to know, even when you could not change the outcome?

What if I dont like what I hear? Do I have the right to change the grand master plan?
You cant change it if it is already set right?
What are your views?

Well dear readers, that is all I had on my mind today. I am experiencing a block so I could not come up with anything more fun and spicy.


  1. I saw a psychic about a year ago. Mostly he told me things that I already knew but needed to hear from an outside source.
    There were a few eerily creepy details he knew that I thought were just too strange to be coincidences, and the fact that he acted like he knew me and completely hit the nail on the head a few times.
    I would go back - as long as you don't take things too seriously I think it's a fun thing to do.

  2. Back in my teens I drove a long way out to this really bad part of Baltimore(It's in the US), to go to this specialty store but it had closed before we got there. SO I had this creepy lady next door read my fortune instead. She told me I would end up marrying my current boyfriend, and that people would try to hold me back my whole life. Yea, she was wayyyy off! Luv the post tho!

  3. There's an episode of "Friends" where Phoebe says something about the date she dies and Ross goes . . . something like "Oh I'm playing shuffleboard that day" and she says "that's what you think". think i'd rather not know what's happening in my life . . . unless it's good!!!

  4. I don't think I'd want to know the future... I'd either love it and be scared of screwing it up, or hate it and be scared that I couldn't change it.


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