Thursday, 10 July 2008


My little sis often says to me, usually after we've sang word-for-word along with the latest pop song we've only heard three times previously, "Why is it I can remember the lyrics and tune to like a million songs, yet I can't remember the important stuff that actually matters???"

Okay, knowing the lyrics to tons of songs is pretty damn awesome, let's make that clear. But she's got a point. Why can I not remember the stuff that is actually important? Like where I put my passport. Or who won the last local election (or when it was, for that matter). Or what really important thing was first on my unwritten to-do list when I arrive at the office.

I can't remember my current mobile number (I've only had it for a year, give me a break!) but I can remember the dance moves to "Star Trekkin'" and "Wig Wam Bam" which we learned at a Pontins holiday camp as children? I can't for the life of me remember where I put my keys when I got home tonight but I can remember how many calories are in a Curly Wurly?

I can remember every lyric to "Especially For You" by Kylie and Jason despite the fact it was out in the late eighties and I haven't actually heard it in years. If someone asks me the capital city of, for example, the Ukraine or Argentina, I can answer "Kiev" or "Buenos Aires" in a heartbeat. I can quote you lines from "Friends" or "Anchorman", virtually on demand.

Yet the important stuff seemingly goes in one ear and out the other.

The memories of good times fade too, the ones you want to hang onto. Memories of spending time with a departed loved one, or a random grope with a guy you only just met(!!!) or the first kiss with a guy you really like. Even when you weren't drunk enough to forget, no matter how much you replay it in your head, the image gets fainter and fainter, leaving behind only a trace where you find yourself filling in the blanks, unsure whether or not the memory was correct or not, even if you can still remember the way you FELT at the time.

I think out of everything, it's the memories I hate to lose the most. You can replace keys or a passport - it's annoying, yes, but possible.

Memories aren't so easily replaced . . .

ps. Bye Kylie - I wish I'd got to see you when you were in Glasgow, cos by all accounts you were awesome. Maybe next time . . . :)


  1. haha... i always wonder if random crap is taking up my brain space...

  2. I think I've heard somewhere that we never actually forget anything, we just need to train our brains to recall it...

  3. Margot - don't get me wrong, it's great being a font of useless information but sometimes it would be nice if i could remember a bit more that i NEEDED to, you know?

    LCT - perhaps that's what the brain trainer will help me to do!!! Doubt it though.

  4. I know what you mean - i can recall song lyrics, movies quotes, who starred with who in what movie, names of random people i went to kindergarten with and celebrity baby names... but ask me a question on anything important i may have learned at school or early childhood memories, you'd get a big fat " huh? I dont know! "

  5. For lot of things I have a memory like a gold fish...10 seconds and it's gone. I can't even remember what I am commenting on right now.

  6. you know what i do? I just forget that i dont remember anything...


  7. I hate forgetting things!! Fortunately I have a pretty sharp memory for all sorts of little details and stuff, it's just the drinking and migraines that trip me up sometimes. I had such a bad migraine once, I forgot my best friends name for 15 minutes! She was so mad, she didn't believe me.

  8. amy - random people i knew from years ago . . . that's another thing i always remember!! weird . . .

    leishblog - for someone who doesn't remember what you're commenting on, it's fairly impressive you're still on tupic - rumbled!!! ;)

    kimberlie - you know, that is a GREAT tip!!! :)

    Lyla - nice friend. i mean, come on, it's not like you would pretend to do that!!! she sounds like a bit of a silly cow! (no offence)


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