Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Blog Swap...or the one where I grow up...

Hey kids,

In for Paula today, as a part of the 20SB Big Blog Swap, I'm Heidi from Life in Pink.

I recently realized I was growing up. This did not come on my 25th birthday. This did not come the night that my boyfriend proposed or the day I graduated from college two years ago. I've been kind of denying this fact for some time so this realization does not come lightly.

No, no, this came when we started talking about getting another dog. Not just any dog, but the long lost brother to our dog.

That, the smaller dog, is our dog that we adopted about a year ago.

Her name is Ellie (formerly Nancy...I know. Lame) and her brother, is Eddie. Upon looking at my bookmarks after a staff meeting today at work, I noticed I had Ellie's adoption page saved from a year ago or so. Hey! She's got a bro!

So fiance and I discussed. We first thought, well maybe we'll set up a play date. Then....we said over a drink...maybe we can foster him for a weekend, one of the adoption coordinators said he was "still around" so then we said "well if they get along, and it doesn't cost too much more for another dog...that would make sense....right???"

I mean...it's a family. We're a family.

I realized that a long time ago but more so when my soon to be mother in law sent him a card for Father's Day from the pup since I...kind of dropped the ball on that one. Whoops?

But now, at twenty-five, I have a job. Insurance. A home. I'm getting married in a little over a year. I have a dog, soon to be maybe two? A fiance, credit card bills, student loans. I shop at Ann Taylor Loft not Abercrombie. I wear seersucker instead of slutty halter tops. I enjoy planning my wedding, going to the gym on Saturday mornings (when I'm not working there for job #2), training for marathons not sleeping in till 2pm, being insanely hungover, getting trashed and kissing random boys at cheap dive bars. I enjoy cooking - and not just ramen noodles or boxed mac and cheese (though that's always a goodie when feeling lazy). I had a better time going out with pals and sitting around drinking wine having a good conversation than I would have going out and tearing it up on the dance floor.

I'm an adult....sometimes, it feels a little creepy to say that but it's at the same time...kind of nice because think about it, for eighteen or so years we say "when I grow up I want...." or "I want to be ..... when I grow up..." then one day, you stop, think and realize Shit Son....I have all that. Granted there's still much to accomplish - buying a house, having the chill'ens, getting a masters degree....but that? All comes with the territory.

So, I leave you, new freaders, with that thought. What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you anywhere you thought you would be at this age? What would you do differently?

Ponder that. And while you're at it? Stop by my blog and say hello :)


  1. Yay, a new blog to read. And I know exactly how you feel. I like being grown up...

  2. It is weird how adulthood kinda sneaks up on you, hey? I kept on waiting for that lightbulb moment that never came...

  3. I never thought too much into the future but had an abstract idea that by 28 I would be married or at least in a serious relationship with a stable job and own my own place. The only thing I have is a job, and it's not one I particularly like so I don't consider that an achievement. I seem to be stuck in the snogging guys in clubs and wearing sparkly halter tops phase! Thanks for swapping! :)

  4. And once again yay for the blog swap! Does 21 count as grown up? I don't think it does. I'll say I'm grown up when I have a mortgage etc.


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