Friday, 4 July 2008


So I've not done a meme in AGES but L.C.T. has tagged me and I was at a bit of a blank as to what to post about today (with the exception of a rant which has been building up in me all day, which I'm choosing to take the high road and ignore) so here goes . . .

Eight Things I'm Passionate About

1.Music – I love it. Listening to it, not playing it. I can't play anything (very basic piano, violin and recorder do not a musician make!), I can't really sing either (although me and a bloke in work did a bit of a duet in the print room today – we're joking about making it a regular thing. This week “Hello”, next week “Especially for You” . . .). But I said all about why I like music in my blog the other day, so no point in revisiting it again . . .
2.Family – I am going to copy LCT and go for family too. My mum and my sister in particular are really special to me, and I'm very close to them.
3.Friends. - Yeah I am actually copying you again! I don't really have a circle of friends that I grew up with, my oldest friends these days date back to my university years. But I have tons of friends spread out all over, and from different times in my life and they all mean a lot to me. I hate losing friends – it's happened a few times and always hurts a lot. One of the most important friendships I developed with someone was lost to me a while back, and I still mourn that friendship because it meant so much to me. But there you go . . .
4.Clothes – it sounds sad, I know, but I absolutely LOVE clothes – I'm not a massive follower of fashion, tending to opt for what suits me, but I do have absolutely TONS of them. Yet I constantly find myself saying “I have nothing to wear” and actually meaning it. My favourite part of buying clothes is when I get them home afterwards and can remove them from their bags and spend some time with them, trying them on, trying to work out what they would look good with and so on. How sad eh???
5.Alcohol – once again, do I really need to go further into this???
6.Books – I absolutely LOVE reading – and I particularly love receiving a package of brand new books off amazon or sites like that. I love to take out the books, examine them, read the blurb on the back, scan the first few pages, line them up in the order I want to read them . . . Once again, sad, I know!!!
7.Writing – I have always wanted to write a novel. In fact, when I was a kid, I wrote TONS of them – they weren't published but that's not important. I still love writing now, be it reviews, or blogs, or short stories. My aim is eventually to be a properly published writer, but my new years resolution to write a book this year is kinda flagging already. As in, I haven't even STARTED . . .
8.Food – There is so much I could mention. Pizza and chocolate, of course. Pasta – particularly spaghetti carbonara and spaghetti bolognese. Most cheese related items. Bread bread and more bread. I need to stop now cos I'm getting hungry . . .

Eight things I want to do before I die:

1.Win the lottery
2.Open a 90's themed bar with the money (more on that to come soon, I promise)
3.Have several novels published
4.Be on tv (and not because I've done something bad or been murdered)
5.Manage to throw a decent meal together . . . FROM SCRATCH!!!
6.Bought a mansion (or at the very least some sort of flat)
7.Tried some sort of extreme sport (preferably the least extreme one)
8.Found a way to live forever

Eight things I say often:

1.“pure” (as in “it was pure amazing” - in other words, there's absolutely no reason for me to put that word in! It's a bit of a Scottish thing . . . )
2.“for fuck's sake!”
3.“Ola” (a habit I picked up in Spain – not due to Spaniards, just cos the girls I was with kept doing it)
4.Random quotes from “Friends”
5.“I'm BORED!”
6.“Beef!” (I used to say this a lot more though)
7.“I NEED a drink!”
8.The c word (and YES, I know it's bad . . .)

Eight books I’ve read recently:

1.Thanks for Nothing, Nick Maxwell – Debbie Carbin
2.The Movie Girl – Kate Lace
3.The Summer of Secrets – Martina Reilly
4.The Lovely Bones – Alice Sebold
5.Stupid and Contagious – Caprice Crane
6.Spar Wars – Chris Manby
7.The Personal Shopper – Carmen Reid
8.Reality Check – AM Goldsher

Eight Movies I have seen Eight times:

2.Girls Just Want To Have Fun
3.13 Going On 30
4.A Time To Kill
5.Scary Movie
6.Four Weddings and a Funeral
8.Legally Blonde

Eight people who should do this meme:

I have to think of EIGHT people??? Man!! Okay, let's think . . .

1. Chele
2. Mal
3. Meghan
4. Lyla Lou
5. Jenn
6. Amy xxoo
7. Laundramatic
8. Skinny Girl

If you've already done it or don't want to though, please don't feel obliged!!!! :)

And, to leave you, here's a song that I just saw on The Hits music channel and that I loved circa 1999 . . .


  1. Woo-Hoo a meme!! This is going to be my first!! Great time killer=) I'm just worried that my answers are going to be exactly like yours! I'm not copying, I promise!

  2. I also really love books and reading...more people should read, it's the same they don't.

  3. Brilliant! Love the inclusion of chocolate amongst food. Turns out 4 (and a half) of our 8 passions are the same!

  4. Alright, i'm totally doing this later today when i have some time... but dont blame me if some of my answers sound similar to yours!

  5. A 90s themed bar?! I'm looking forward to the future blog post on that!

  6. OMG 13 Going on 30 is one of my favorite movies EVER...and uh, I don't admit that to a lot of people. :)


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