Saturday, 28 June 2008


This book sticks in my head for a specific reason. Notice how the bar of soap has a little bit of pubic hair on the bottom right hand corner of it? Lovely eh???

Anyway, I bought this book for an ex as part of his Christmas present a couple of years back, while I was in WH Smith browsing through the comedy section (this was back when I still bought books in shops). I saw it sitting on the shelf, noted the pubic hair and thought "That's disgusting!" and tried to brush it off the book!

Two thoughts immediately followed this:

1. "Oh phew, it was just part of the book cover, not a real pube!"

2. "Wait a minute, if it had been a real pube, I would just have touched it. Ew!"

Of course, I had to buy it then . . .


Apart from this memory, I have nothing much else to say. Currently in recovery of sorts, as I had two events to attend last night - a work night out on the Renfrew Ferry, which turned out to be more fun than expected, and then a flatwarming on the southside, which was also okay. I basically paid for nothing all night as we got free drink vouchers at the work night out (not very many but luckily it doesn't take much to get me drunk - ha!) and then helped myself to punch at the party. Free drink for the night is pretty damn good, although I am suffering just a tad now. Blogging from my bed, still wearing the top half of the outfit I was wearing last night and a whole faceful of make-up (my eye make up quite often looks better the next day - anyone else find that?), and mainlining Coca Cola. And shortly I'll have to get up and get myself ready for another night out on the southside. Looking forward to it, obviously, although part of me wishes I was just having a chilled weekend in like last weekend. The fact that I'm not willing to spend time by myself again is obviously a good thing. Although the last week I'm realising maybe I'm not quite as okay as I thought - the below song kinda sums it up I think . . .


  1. How would a pube get on a book in shop? Thank goodness it wasn't real.

  2. At least you're getting invited places which will get you free drinks that will have you feeling didgy in the morning.... since most of my good friends moved away, i dont get invited anywhere!

  3. I borrowed a book from a workmate last week, and there was a pube stuck between the pages towards the end. I was horrified. I gave the book back, but couldn't quite look her in the eye. All I could think was "i've seen your pubes."

  4. JK - hmmm, I'm sure it's possible, you get some dodgy folk in shops after all!!!

    amy - i suppose that's a good point - although free drink is both a blessing AND a curse . . .

    miss em - maybe it was an eyelash or something??? I remember a guy in my work once came over to my desk and for a joke put what i thought was a pube on my desk while i was sitting there (god knows why). turned out it was actually one of his CHEST hairs!!! (WTF!!!)


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