Tuesday, 24 June 2008


. . .realise I have a definite tendency to reveal way too much about myself.

Colleague: Hi P, how are you?
Me: Yeah, I'm okay I suppose. But - I think I might be allergic to my thong . . .

. . . have a virtual nervous breakdown over what I'm meant to do with my expense claim after my boss's boss approves it.

I actually think the only way to stop me panicking over stupid things in work would be to make everyone wear t-shirts with their name in massive writing on them, and give me a floor plan showing everyone's desk in the place, where the invoice tray is exactly, who I need to speak to about every related subject and what exactly I'm allowed to claim for.

And I'd probably still get it wrong . . .

. . . have one of the weirdest dreams I've ever had

I witnessed Susan Kennedy from "Neighbours" getting shot at close range (I have no idea why!) and cowardly ran away - I think I thought I was in the soap opera at first then I realised it was real life. Then I went to someone's house to look after their kid while the killer was on the loose and ended up locked in the kid's room while someone, who I assume was the killer, prowled around the house. I woke up freaking terrified!

Do you think this means I secretly want to be a soap opera actor?

...start to wonder if my water-and-green-tea drinkathon is futile.

My skin is actually worse instead of better. I know everyone says the toxins have to come out first but how many toxins do I bloody have inside me??? Plus everytime I go to the loo, I feel like it lasts for hours (too much information, I know!) This is not productive use of my time. On the upside, I spend so much drinking water while in the office, I barely have time to think about food, let alone eat it. So guess that's a good thing . . .

. . . am still feeling a tad rejected.

Five days now and still no word. Oh well. That's life and all that (and especially true of mine!) but it's a shame - I could have used a little harmless email flirtation with a cute boy. And damn, he was cute . . .



  1. I've been drinking a lot more water recently too and I'm also noticing the excess of 'toxins'. I have the dreaded acne disease, I'm suffering to an extent I haven't seen my teens.

    If this carries on, I'm switching back to Irn Bru.

  2. Firstly, i promise the water thing will get better. I drink around one and half to two litres of water a day and i barely ever have breakouts. PLus, if you drink water slowly throughout the day, you'll feel less hungry, which means you'll snack less.... and guess what that means?

    Plus, maybe your dream means you really want Susan Kennedy to die. I dont know why, i think she's okay. I'd actually rather see Paul Robinson dead cause he's just a prick.

  3. "I think I might be allergic to my thong."

    That made my day. Thank you :)

  4. the thong comment is hilarious. classic.

  5. Some days I love water and drink it like I'm a camel hoarding for my long trek through the desert. Other times I can't be bothered. Kudos to you for sticking to it.

    Love the comment re: the thong. I love inappropriate things slipping out of my mouth now and then at work. Makes things interesting.

  6. Wow dreaming about Susan Kennedy? That is a crazy dream you have there. Maybe you do secretly want to be on Neighbours. I am sure there is room on Ramsay street for another person to move in somewhere. Ha ha.

  7. Thank you sooo much for putting up those videos, I've never heard of 'spoons' but they were hillarious!!! I need to see more spoons!

    And I bet you'd make an amazing soap star!

  8. Yeah, I'm with Lyla Lou - loving Spoons. I'm youTubing now..

  9. ahahaha this is great! oh, I miss Friends...

  10. hey..im drunk..so sry bout typing..but im rweading a book called twins of tribeca..i bought it a few yrs ago, and just now getting to iot, i think you might relate whe n it comes to the job shit..

    k im getting off this fucking keuyboard cuz i cant fucfking tyoer

    nity nighty nightt

  11. LOL @ my typing..hahahaha i just re read waht i wornte and im still drink, but whatevfer, i thout my origional typeing was hilarious!!!..ok good night,,dont let the bed budgs bite

  12. I just pictured offices with grocery store style signs hanging from the ceilings with people's names, position and what you're supposed to be doing.

    They could even make those announcements, "Progress check, Please remember to turn in such and such to wherever at such and such a time."

  13. hey lovin the blog.

    I find myself disclosing too much information about myself to people who i need to talk to during the day in work lol The other day i was talking about problems at home because i felt the need to fill in the silence... no good.

    Check my blog out and i'll subscribe to yours


  14. hahahaha, so funny!

    i just visited scotland about a month ago and i loved it! my favorite was driving through the highlands.

  15. How would one get tested for a thong allergy :P

    Good luck with the water/tea

  16. I am also trying to drink more water.

    I also have spots ALL OVER my face.

    I'm also thinking about giving up.

    Why does being healthy suck so much?


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