Sunday, 22 June 2008


I couldn't resist any longer and had to log onto my facebook. Telling myself although I didn't expect a reply, I would have a look just in case.

No reply.

Why am I so gutted???


  1. Blah. I know that feeling so well! I quit facebook - it causes too much palaver.

    Let's try and get you out of the downer instead.

    Try picturing an elephant... with a mouse dancing on it's head... in a tutu? And then go and find yourself some good old chocolate...

    Not sure if that helps but it's worth a shot! Feel better!

  2. Men are always told to follow a 3-day rule or somesuch nonsense. He might be doing that!

  3. I bet you he's doing the same as you, not checking for a few days.
    Don't stress babe.
    He'll message you, I can feel it in my waters.

    S X

  4. We gutted because we get so worked up about it. We are hoping it will be there while we pretend to be all cool but somehow when we hear nothing our heart sinks. Men have weird reply timing...never got it

  5. I think the problem is that we girls think SO much about all that stuff - it's been two days, when can I reply? Is this too soon? Will he think I'm desperate? Why hasn't he written in three days? Is it a full moon?

    Whereas guys are like "lalala beer lalala sex lalala oh an email lalala"
    It's not that he doesn't care or is waiting or setting timing up properly. He's a guy. THere is no timing they just do stuff as it happens. He forgets to write one day, he'll write the next.

    Don't worry ;>


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