Sunday, 1 June 2008


First of all, can I just say my last post was in NO WAY meant to slag off Glasgow. I love Glasgow. I may not be a native weegie but I consider it my home, and the post was NOT about slagging off Glasgow, but in fact slagging off MYSELF for my virtually nonexistent consideration for my own safety while walking about, NOT ONLY in Glasgow, but everywhere else I may choose to go! Capisce??? (Is that how you spell it???)

Anyway, back to the subject in hand . . .

The scene: outside my friend's flat by the Clyde, yesterday afternoon. My friend is telling me about her goldfish, Vodka and Orange. This tale proves just how drunk I was last Sunday . . .

Me: Did I actually see your goldfish when I was over last weekend?

V: Are you kidding me???

Me: What???

V: You nearly broke their tank!!!

Me: WTF?

V: You tried to feed them and Vodka kept eating the food, so you started tapping the tank and telling it to go away and let Orange have some of it. Then, because he wasn't paying attention, you started slapping the tank with your hand! I kept telling you to stop, because if your ring had hit it the wrong way we would have had gallons of water all over the flat.

Me: But I . . .

V: Then you started pressing your nose and mouth right up against the glass and making faces at them. Not only were you scaring the fish, but by the time you were done, the glass was totally smeared with your hand and face prints! I had to give you a row!!!

Is it wrong that I don't remember any of this???

Oh, and just to prove that Glasgow isn't all bad . . .

Views from south side of the Clyde, both day and night . . .

The joys of the subway . . .

And where are you going to find a bigger fish than they ones they serve in THIS Glasgwegian establishment???

So there!!! :) :) :)


  1. omg hahaha that sounds like something I would do. I'm so glad you didn't break the tank though-- that would have been SUPER messy.

  2. Pretty pics...

    yeah there's no place like home. that's for sure.

    ditto on the fish story. ^^

  3. That's awesome. LOL. I love that the fish is named vodka.

  4. Look at the size of that fish!!!!

  5. You dont know how much I want to be in Glasgow after looking at those pictures.


    S X

  6. holy COW!!! that's a huge bit of fish!

  7. And they wonder why the life expectancy in certain parts of Glasgow are lower than in Baghdad.

    (True fact - I's done me research... :-) )


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