Friday, 30 May 2008


In the past 48 hours or so, two woman have been found murdered in Glasgow. One directly outside my friend's work in the southside, another just five minutes away from me in the west end.

Okay, so strictly speaking, they haven't been declared "murdered" yet. Although since the first was allegedly subjected to a brutal attack, and the second allegedly stabbed, I reckon neither was an accident. Or perhaps that's just my opinion.

Although there have been times when Glasgow has been declared the murder capital of western europe, I have never really thought of it that way. You could say that is maybe because the town I grew up in was once branded "one of the roughest towns in the world" and I was never particularly aware of it - I do remember a couple of people being murdered, don't get me wrong, but I never felt particularly unsafe. My sister recently told me that a boy who was in her class at primary school was in jail for killing someone by stabbing them with a sword. That's pretty damn scary. It's essentially someone we grew up with, and they did THAT?

But when I lived back home I would quite happily get the last train home from Glasgow, arrive home at half eleven at night and walk home alone. Not thinking of the danger I could potentially be in. Much the same as I do in Glasgow. Many is the night I have walked the forty minute walk from town to the west end, all alone, not considering that not everyone in the world is good and innocent and isn't inclined to commit violence. I have had many a row for doing so, also, but I have continued to do it. Sometimes I'll get a little paranoid that someone is walking behind me, or about to jump me . . . but it hasn't happened.

What I have to realise though is, just because it hasn't happened, doesn't mean it won't eventually. I know I need to start actually taking proper care of myself and not doing stupid things like walking home alone in the dark after midnight. Sometimes, I guess, I just feel like I can't be bothered queuing half an hour for a taxi, or can't actually afford it. But after seeing all the crap that has happened just in the last couple of days, so close to me, I realise I seriously need to cop on and actually have some consideration for my own personal safety.

After all, I don't want to end up another statistic . . .

NB - I was originally looking for the Michael Jackson vid for "Thriller" (cos it's SCARY - well, sorta) but I decided the "13 Going On 30" version would lighten the tone of the blog a bit . . . Hope it worked!


  1. We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

    And spiders.

  2. I'm seriously in <3 with that video. You just brightened up my friday :-)

  3. red squirrel - . . . and michael jackson!!!

    maxie - glad to hear it! i think it's my fave part of that film.

  4. Yowza *crosses Glasgow off European travel to-do list*

    p.s. I popped you on my blogroll, hope you don't mind :)

  5. Wow, that is scary.

    Like you, I always felt really safe in Glasgow. I love that city hard. Love it.

    S X

  6. I sometimes have a hard time with the notion of freedom meaning a necessary reduction in my safety... especially when I lived alone.

  7. Whoa Hugs for you.. thats quite frightening. I never knew Glasgow was thought upon that way.

  8. Ohforfuckssake.

    Glasgow is a city just like any other - more people living on top of each other, therefore higher instances of crime and all the nasty shit that comes along with being in a city.

    Yes, it's got a well-deserved reputation in some parts, but in others it's great. The west end of Glasgow I think is one of Scotland's hidden jewels (complete coincidence that I live there!)

    Be safe, don't take unnecessary risks yadda yadda yadda, but be proud of the place you live. It's cool!

  9. Hon you alwasy need to have something to protect yourself with. I am actually never scared in Bangkok but when I lived in OSLO I was always shit scared as brutal things would happen just around my corner. Always be prepared. Its quite scary being a woman walking by herself at night.

  10. miss em - I would encourage you to go to Glasgow, this is all just theories and all that - the type of stuff that always starts being said online etc when tragedies happen. I wouldn't say Glasgow really is less safe than any other city, and it is a great place to visit, honestly! Just be careful, like with everywhere else!!! :)

    skinny girl - me too!!! :)

    pp - i know, it's crap that you can't necessarily have both freedom AND safety.

    kristen - neither did i! think there's a lot of gang killings and the like which contributes to the figures, but these tend to happen more in the dodgy areas anyway.

    ant - i'm not quite sure where you get the idea that i'm not proud of glasgow - i love it. this blog was more about MY safety, and looking out for myself and being more aware of my surroundings. this was not about glasgow being unsafe. EVERYWHERE is unsafe!!!

    chele - yeah, part of me always thinks i should have something heavy with me or something like that which i could swing at someone if they tried to attack!

  11. Holy crap. On preaching all that, I've just come back and read the details of the two murders on the news. Scary shit indeed.

  12. did you think i was making it up????

  13. No. In all honesty what unnerved me was just how close to my west end life the second murder was...

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