Monday, 12 May 2008

Guest blogging

Hi, my name is Chele.
The ever so lovely Paula has so kindly asked me to guest blog here while she is away on her hen party holiday in Spain. I usually blog HERE if you want to find out a bit about me. I will try to cover some topics that Paula and me often discuss and have in common this week as I guest blog.

I think it is only appropriate to start my guest blog here and talk about Paula.
Paula is whom I consider my first true blogger friend.
When I first started bloggin it was for me, it was a place for me to creatively vent. It felt like an extension of my diary.
When I first entered the blogging world I never thought about other bloggers out there, it never crossed my mind to make friends with anyone.
Then I started to discover blogs that I liked and I related to, I was so pleased to see how eloquent people could write about the daily things in their life, I loved reading the way people wrote. It captivated me. One day there was a comment on one of my posts from a girl named Polly. I checked out her blog as I do with all people who leave comments, pleasantly surprised I found myself laughing out loud as I read through her posts. Here was a girl who really knew how to write well and I felt I really connected to. End of our 20s, facing the same sort of dilemmas. I instantly liked her. From that day we would read each other’s daily posts religiously. Then came the time I entered a very dark time in my life and fell into a very deep depression, during that time having virtual friends was such a comfort because they would give you such honest truths, it was a support system like no other, it truly helped me knowing people were reading and caring about my very dark thoughts at that time.
Having people who you never met on the other side of the world who genuinely care for your well being, well that just shows the beauty of humanity.

So how did Paula become a true blogger friend? Well eventually not only did we comment on each others posts, suddenly we exchanged mails, and we exchanged personal information, trust was developed, friendship. I think I mentioned it to Paula once but it sometime feels like Beaches or the 80s when you would have pen pals whom you would share everything with.

I really want to meet Paula one day, and I know we will. I think it will be a blast. I just hope she will understand my sometimes slurry all over the place accent and that I will understand her Scottish accent, I am still not sure what sort of accent she has.

Ok thats the intro guys. More posts to come.



  1. aw that was lovely chele, thanks!!! I'm sure I would understand your accent, not sure you would understand mine!!! :) Talk when I get back! P x

  2. Ooohhh, how cool!
    Paula (or was it Chele) left a comment on my blog and I came to check it out over here.
    LOVE IT!

    I'll be back!
    S X

  3. Looking forward to more posts

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