Saturday, 24 May 2008


Just drunkenly booked my flights to Belfast in July - hope I got them right and haven't accidentally booked flights elsewhere!!!

To be honest, I'm a little worried that I can't afford all my trips. I have my Belfast trip, two trips to Southern Ireland, and a long weekend in Spain (or thereabouts) to afford and I need to book all of them asap. Also I told my brother I might go away with him so that's something else I have to try and afford. But hey I want to get away as much as possible - it's fun!!! (Oh and did I mention I'm going to London with work next month? Let's see how many flights I can make this year . . .)

Tonight I was on the underground next to a couple of guys and after a couple of minutes, one of them punched me. I turned around in shock just to hear him call me by name and instantly realised he was a guy from my course at uni who I hadn't seen in seven years. And there was another guy from my course sitting opposite me who I ALSO hadn't seen in that long. I had added them both as friends on facebook but I hadn't SEEN them in so long, it was just a bit odd, you know? I guess I have the Rangers game to thank for seeing them anyway . . .

Which leads to . . .Poor Queen of the South. I was PRAYING they would manage to beat Rangers in whatever final they had both made it to ( I don't know enough about football to confirm what game it was and can't even be bothered to look it up). It's funny enough that Rangers have missed out on every other title this season. To be beaten by a tiny little team would just have ADDED to the humiliation. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. But the fact they've missed out on so many trophies is, I guess, good enough for me.

Final random thought - why is the United Kingdom no longer capable of winning the Eurovision Song Contest? Yeah, I admit, I was just watching bits of it. It wasn't even a bad entry this year, it really wasn't. Not like the one of 2006 - which was utter PANTS!!! As witnessed below . . .

Actually, THIS one is worse . . .

But THIS is a classic . . .

Why this one didn't win is beyond me - it must be one of the few entries that still get played years later!!! (I say that with complete sincerity, I must add!)

ps. Oh and if you happen to have a myspace account you can check out the first of the pics from the hen holiday which are now trickling in here...


  1. Hey babe!
    Travel is something that is totally invaluable. Get booking I say!!!!

    As for the Eurovision, shit that is one thing that I had erased from my mind about the UK.

    Thanks for the reminder hehe!
    S X

  2. I think I'm traveling more than I can afford, too. But... worth it. For sure.

    And I watched Eurovision in 2006 and I actually kind of thought the UK entry was funny. I looooved Germany's, but obviously Eurovision didn't go the country route that year. Jerks.


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