Thursday, 13 March 2008


When I checked my email at lunchtime today, I noticed an email from the National Lottery. "We have good news about your ticket! Log into your account to find out more."

I'd won the lottery, oh my god! I was unbelievably excited for a moment then I remembered that no matter what amount you win (and I won the grand total of sixty four pounds once but have also won a tenner a couple of times) you get the same email. But part of me couldn't help but hope . . . what if I'd won big? What if I could walk into work tomorrow and throw in the towel and solve a big bunch of my problems in one fell swoop? Realistically I knew it was more than likely to only be ten pounds but you never know . . . Perhaps the bird shitting on my head was lucky after all.

I couldn't log into my account in work as the lottery website is one of the forbidden sites (along with blogger - boo!) so I had to spend the rest of the day wondering, trying to stop myself from hoping too much for a couple of mill, or even a hundred grand at a push.

Got home just there to discover . . .

I'd won two pounds on the dream ticket number or something like that.


What a load of absolute shite. The National Lottery need to reword their emails because they are just setting a lot of people up for inevitable disappointment.

By the way, I used the two pounds to buy two more tickets for Saturday's draw. Fingers crossed . . . (yes, I'm SUCH a sucker).


  1. Two squid? didn't think it was possible to win such an amount!. Nice to dream though.
    Chin up hun x

  2. hmmm, well it could have been worse-you didnt loose money or anything so that has to be a plus.

    I am sure you will feel better soon- i like to think that things happen for a reason...hopefully you find that reason soon.

  3. Kirsty - yeah it was the dream ticket thing. I won ten quid on it a couple of weeks ago. two quid seems almost like an insult really . . .

    kimberlie - yep, i was thinking that earlier, and i'm struggling to find that reason myself.

  4. oh my I hate it when that happens, small lottery prices..such a disapointing build up

  5. They send you emails when you win over there? That's insane! and so suspenseful, I wouldn't be able to stand it!


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