Monday, 26 June 2017


One thing you might know about me is that I love a good rant. If you don't know this about me, you've possibly never met me and you've definitely never read my blog. So I figured it was about time I had another little mini-moan about the things that have been annoying me of late. So let's get going, shall we?!?

1) Dresses that zip up the back
Ah . . . where do I start? Dresses with zips at the back are a friggin' nightmare. I've always firmly maintained that they're a nightmare if you're single or just living alone as a lot of the time you have to be a contortionist to actually twist your arm the right way to get the zip from A to B. Another time they're a nightmare? Changing rooms. Recently I took three dresses into a changing room while the fella waited outside in the main shop. He must have been waiting for me for about half an hour, as it took me so bloody long to get them zipped, then unzipped. One of them actually broke while it was on me, and I thought I was stuck in it. (Luckily when I finally got it up and rezipped it, it was suddenly working fine again.) I left that cubicle a changed woman: a stressed, sweaty, utterly broken woman. Still bought two of the dresses, mind. Kinda felt like we'd bonded.

2) Coach Trip
I normally love watching E4 while I get ready for work in the morning. Unfortunately, the recent re-runs of Coach Trip are ruining this for me. I'm pretty sure for the last couple of months they've been putting on Coach Trip: Road to Ibiza, then once that ends, they're putting on the re-run of Coach Trip: Road to Marbella . . . then going back to the Ibiza one. And I don't get it. I don't think it's interesting, I don't think it's funny, I don't get the point of it and . . . I JUST WANT MY EARLY MORNING EPISODES OF CHARMED BACK, DAMMIT!

3) My hair going curly overnight
I can go to bed having blow-dried my hair straight, followed by a quick session with the straighteners . . . only to wake up looking like Monica Geller in Barbados. Seriously, you do end up wondering why you even bother! I have naturally wavy hair but it's not that wavy so I really don't understand why this happens. Ironically if I leave my hair to dry naturally and go to bed like that it has almost exactly the same effect and my hair still looks shit and then requires even more straightening the next morning. Basically I think my only solution is to just not sleep! (Which, actually happens frequently and, now that I come to think of it, actually makes feck all difference to the state of my hair.)


4) The timing of good weather
Since Scotland rarely gets nice, sunny weather, it would be really good if it coincided with the days I am not in the office. Rather than being nice until I have the day off then pissing it down. Even more annoyingly, when we were in Lanzarote in May, the weather was nice the whole time we were away. We were away eleven nights, from the Sunday until the following Thursday. The weather was nice THAT WHOLE TIME, starting on the Sunday. And then started to break upon our return. By the Saturday it was pissing it down. Now, I know I was in Lanzarote and it was sunny and I shouldn't complain, but couldn't the weather have waited a week and a half to get nice and then started upon my return to Scotland? IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK, EH??? (probably.)

What's currently annoying you?

Thursday, 22 June 2017


Are you experiencing a dose of blogger's block? Trust me, I know all about this. I'm so blocked at the moment that the very thought of even writing this post is exhausting me, but I'm going to do it anyway, because these type of posts from others have helped me on many an occasion, and I'm hoping by posting this I can pay it forward a bit. While perhaps indulging in a bit of shameless self-promotion at the same time and directing you to some of my posts you may have missed in the past....

But mostly the "pay it forward" part, of course! ;-)

1) Posts about blogging. Now, maybe this is weird, but I do enjoy reading blog posts that are actually about blogging itself. I enjoy reading posts about the positive sides of blogging as well as the pitfalls. Why not give these a try yourself? If you're actually pretty web-savvy, maybe you could even do some sort of tutorial giving advice on how others can improve their blogs. I've learned a lot from other people who do posts along those lines!

2) Reviews - whether that's of your latest restaurant visits, a book you've adored or loathed, or perhaps even a new pastel hair dye that you have had experience with, people are always searching for reviews on certain products - maybe your experience will help them!

3) Tell us more about the area you live in. I did this with my tongue-in-cheek guide to Scottish-ness many moons ago, and I continue to try and sell my country to all with my regular(ish) Scotland the Beautiful series. Showcasing some of Scotland's natural beauty can be a godsend to me when I'm stuck for writing inspiration . . .and, as an added wee bonus, it encourages me to get out and about!

4) Do you have an amazing recipe to share with everyone? You should! And even if you don't have one of your own, have you been cooking your way through a recipe book, or Pinterest recently? Why not write about the best recipes you have tried and what you thought of them (favourite pasta recipes for example? Giving full credit obviously!

5) Do you get annoyed easily? I do, and I love a good rant about it - it really does help to get it out! I do love a "how to annoy me in a . . ." post myself and I love to read about others' pet peeves too. You could write about the things that annoy you in an office, for example, or while you're on holiday.

6) We've all had an embarrassing moment with someone we fancied, right? Why don't you share one of your embarrassing moments? Can you one-up the time I chased a guy around the Duke of Wellington statue in Royal Exchange Square asking him if I had boring boobs???

7) Speaking of lurve, most of us have had heartbreak in our lives at one point or another - do you have any lessons you have learned from a break-up (or in my case, tons of break-ups!)? I found writing a post about this really therapeutic  . . . and it was a post that resonated with so many people at the time, I felt like it actually helped others too!

8) Social media - what are your pros and cons of the various social media platforms? What annoys you about facebook? Can you think up any example of Tweets you hope never to see? Or maybe you actually barely use social media at all apart from blogging and want to tell us why. There's so much inspiration can be drawn from sites like Instagram and Twitter. I think I've posted tons about social media, from so many angles over the last few years. It's certainly something I, as well as probably most people reading this post, have tons of experience of, and it's so interesting to both write and read about!

9) Do you have a TV show you're obsessed with? Maybe you can base some posts around this! In my case, I am a massive "Friends" fan so I've been inspired by this show on several different occasions on my blog. And I'm pretty sure I still have several posts to come on it. (Sorry not sorry.)

10) Speaking of "Friends" (see, I'm obsessed!), do you remember the laminated list of 5 women Ross was allowed to sleep with? Who would be on your laminated list? Or which five people would you invite to your dream dinner party?

11) Do you have an unusual hobby or go to a class that others might be interested in hearing about? You could tell us about that. One day I will get around to posting more about my pole fitness classes, I will I will I will.

12) Reality TV - there's tons of posts that can be done about this, whether you actually watch it or not! For example, I like to post about why I couldn't star on shows like The Apprentice, or Big Brother, or Come Dine With Me, but once again, there are so many angles that could be covered. Why do you hate it, why do you love it, have you ever been on it yourself? Now I would REALLY love to hear more about that last one!

13) Are you online shopping for an outfit for a special occasion, a swimsuit for the pool, or a passport holder for your holiday? Why not share your search with your blog readers?

14) Or on a similar vein, maybe you can produce a gift guide? One I was looking for recently online, for example, was ideas for a present for a lifestyle blogger - so if you wanted to do one of them, that would go down very well with me! Or, how about an anti-gift guide? Every so often I like to check out some of my favourite gift websites and trash-talk some of the ideas on there. I'm sure one man's trash really is another man's treasure though.... And also . . . how about hand-made gifts? I love a wee DIY gift tutorial!

15) What's your favourite holiday destination? Why not sell it to us?

16) Has technology ever ruined something old-skool for you?

17) Is there anything you're really bad at? Or loads of things? Or how about a list of things you can't pull off? Similarly, if you've got some mad skills, why not share these with us?

18) Some sort of topical piece. Sometimes I get an idea from a headline I just happen to see while I'm browsing online. Which could be anything, from my name becoming extinct, to a rant about Katie Hopkins.

19) How about some random facts about yourself that we might not know?

20) I love reading about dieting (like I said, I'm a weirdo) - do you have experience of different diets, a disastrous experience on one, a successful one you'd recommend, or a guide of how to stick to one? I'd love to hear more about it and I'm sure loads of other people would too!

21) And last but not least, why not do a post about blog post ideas? Even if you're blocked yourself, you may have loads of good ideas for others that you've posted about in the past!

I hope I've been of some help if you are looking for blog inspiration, and if you have any ideas of your own feel free to share. And if I have helped to inspire you with a post I'd love to read it!

Monday, 5 June 2017


So it's time to continue on with the reading challenge . . .  mainly because I still need to catch up with myself due to my holiday reading frenzy! (It's worth noting I have now been back for nearly three weeks - already?!? - and my reading has once again slowed riiiiiight down.)

So what are the next five books on my list?

11) Ella's Ice Cream Summer - Sue Watson

This was a gorgeous little read and I didn't want it to end. When Ella's aunt dies, she is shocked to discover she has been left something in her will - however it is not the family ice cream parlour as she had secretly hoped; rather it is the ancient ice cream van part of the business. She is unsure what to do since she has a life elsewhere - but fate conspires to bring her back to Devon, where she spent many summers as a kid with her aunt and glamorous cousin Gina, and she decides to try and make a success of the ice cream van business, with the hopes that perhaps Gina will at some point let her buy the ice cream parlour.

I really loved this book, it had me hooked from the outset. I loved the character of Ella, and her mother was absolutely fabulous and a comedy masterpiece, if a little over-opinionated and over-bearing at times. My favourite character, however was probably Delilah the Pomeranian - I'm sure I'm not alone in this!
I felt this was set up all along to be a bit of a series and although I'm generally more of a fan of a stand-alone novel I am definitely keen to read more from the world of Appledore! Highly recommended - a delicious read without any calories! 10/10

12) Mermaid Hair and I Don't Care - C.J. Morrow

Another great book, this one featured Lily - Lily is hoping for a big promotion in work (and if she doesn't get it, she's probably going to lose her job, so that's a pretty big incentive!) and she also thinks she and her boyfriend are about to properly commit to each other. Turns out he's planning to go on holiday without her actually . . . the following day. So she heads off on holiday with her friend instead, and ends up having a bit of a holiday fling. The understanding is that this fling, no matter how they feel, cannot last longer than the holiday . . . however fate might have other ideas in mind!

I really enjoyed this book, not as much as I enjoyed books 10 and 11, but I was very invested in what happened with Lily and really interested to know how the book turned out and if she was going to get her happy ending. 7/10

13) Break-Up Club - Lorelei Mathias

Wouldn't it be kinda great if all of your friends were single at the same time and could support each other after a break-up? That's pretty much the premise of this book - Holly and her friends, who have all just came out of relationships, form a club to support one another through their respective break-ups. And we get to see all of their progress as they try to move on with their life and get over their exes, not always successfully.

I am not unfamiliar to a break-up, and I'm sure most of you are the same - this was a pretty accurate portrayal of the whole horrible process, and as the characters were all very likeable it was easy to identify with them all and their situation. 7/10

14) How To Find Your (First) Husband - Rosie Blake

Did you ever "marry" someone in the school playground when you were a little kid? I certainly didn't, but Isobel did. She and Andrew were "married" for a week at school until he left her for another girl. Most people would have forgotten about this, but over the years Isobel has became a tad obsessed that her and Andrew, as adults, are meant to be together. So she heads back to England from her home in LA to try and find him . . . this however leads her to a tropical island in Malaysia of all places, where she attempts to locate the guy she feels she is destined to be with.

This was also a great book, so readable and really funny in a lot of places. Isobel got herself into quite a few scrapes, and the ensemble of characters was just fantastic. Plus I really kinda want to go to this Malaysian island now - it sounded AMAZING! 9/10

15) Some Girls Do - Clodagh Murphy

What do you do if you are about to be caught in a lie? Claire is behind an extremely popular sex blog and she could be about to get a book deal out of it . . . however she's hiding something. Mainly that she's not very sexually experienced and the blog's content is complete fiction! How can she get out of this one, particularly when she is falling for the potential publisher of her book? Simple - she'll ask new acquaintance Luca if he can teach her everything he knows about sex!

Except is it ever going to be simple??? This was a really interesting read - as a blogger myself, albeit not a sex blogger, it's a useful reminder that people online aren't always what they seem - Claire's "mummy blogger" friend was another prime example of this. I was also curious to find out if Claire's secret would be exposed or not. Another great book from Clodagh Murphy! 8/10

So that's all for now! Expect another reading challenge update soon . . . although I have a couple more books to read until I make it to book 20 - halfway through my challenge! I'm still on course at the moment so hopefully I can make it there before the end of June.

I'd love to know what you've all been reading?

Saturday, 3 June 2017


Once upon a time, back in the dark ages when I first started this blog, I was most definitely a personal blogger. I used it more as a diary than anything else. And then somewhere along the line, I changed into more of a lifestyle blogger. I don't think I'm a particularly good lifestyle blogger though, I don't really know what I'm doing most of the time because of the way I just morphed from the personal blogging into this current incarnation of my blog.

Sometimes I wonder if I need to find more of a niche, but I think I've ruled out most niches I could potentially do. Let's have a somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at why I couldn't be a niche blogger . . .

Fashion blogger? No.
I pretty much always wear the same clothes, I'm really bad at posing for photos and I don't really take any fashion risks. Although maybe that would be a good niche within an niche? Fashion blogger who has no idea about fashion? I suppose it could work!

Beauty blogger? No.
I've mentioned before I struggle to blend my eyeshadow, my eyebrows are never symmetrical, I only own about five make-up brushes and, until about three months ago, I didn't realise most people don't blend their foundation in with their fingers. I feel I've learned some stuff from beauty blogs, but I'm not sure I myself have any proper wisdom I could impart upon others . . .

Fitness blogger? Definitely no.
My body is seemingly incapable of doing a burpee. The gym scares me, I can't run for shit, and roughly 70% of the time I attempt a lunge I end up with a sore knee. I also basically stop exercising as soon as I get a tiny bit out of breath. I would be the worst fitness blogger ever.

Travel blogger? No.
I love travelling and I do enjoy sharing details of my travels on my blog. But I don't think I could do this all the time. There's a reason I only do my Scotland the Beautiful posts once in a while and it's mainly because I'm lazy and I feel like it takes me longer to write these posts up and add the pictures too. And although my phone camera is really good, and I generally think my pictures look good, compared to actual travel bloggers they're definitely not up to par.

Book blogger? No.
I love reading and also reading about books - I'm a big fan of a book blog. But I don't feel like I generally read enough these days to maintain a book blog. My recent reading challenge has resulted in me reading more than I have in the past couple of years and blogging more about reading too. But I would struggle to keep up with the reading and the blogging about the reading.

Food blogger? No.
Ah . . . food. Like cooking it, love eating it. Writing about it makes me hungry though. And since I'm constantly trying to lose weight, it is not a good idea for me to spend a lot of time writing about it! I think if I was going to find a niche though I would ultimately like to be a food blogger. Maybe one day . . .

Am I missing any niches here? Do you feel like you have a niche or are you happy just to have a bit of a mix in your blog?

Thursday, 1 June 2017


Ben A'an had been on my to-do list for some time. It was on my to-climb list as well - yes, I genuinely do have one of those. It was not too high, and it had good views of Loch Achray and Loch Katrine. I imagined it would be a difficult climb, but it wouldn't take too long, so how hard could it actually be?!?

I really need to stop underestimating things, don't I?

When you read things like "relatively easy by hillwalking standards", this does not actually mean easy. Especially when you're nowhere near peak condition.

And that pun in the previous sentence was completely unintentional - but actually pretty fitting since I actually didn't make it to the peak of this particular mountain!

A picture from very early on in the climb - I was already knackered!!!

Ben A'an, despite its fab views, is not a Munro, or even particularly high. It's actually described as a "mountain in miniature" - which makes it sound far cuter than reality dictates. We decided to head there early last month, on an unexpectedly warm Saturday afternoon. By the time we got there, after being stuck in the middle of some sort of long distance cycling race for what seemed like forever, the car park was stowed and there were people all over the place!

I have to admit at that point I was secretly hoping we wouldn't find a space and we could just forget about the whole climbing idea (which, I should add, had been my idea!) but the fella very inconveniently managed to get us parked. (How rude.)

Parking paid for, we crossed the road (the car park is very conveniently right next to the hill) and started to climb.

Everything I had read about Ben A'an had told me that the climb starts straight away, steep from the outset. For some reason I had chosen to ignore this and the fact I was already out of puff within the first minute or two of the walk was very infuriating to me. Then it was straight onto a set of steps. I was already absolutely knackered. The fella was already way ahead of me as well. (Selfish.)

Not too high up at this point, but the view of Loch Achray is pretty special.

I never quite recovered from that first stretch of slope. Even on the occasions when the path levelled out and I had time to catch my breath, I just felt absolutely knackered. Looking back, however, I could see some amazing views, and I had to just keep telling myself "it'll be worth it for the view at the top".

Cute little bridge. I liked it cos it was flat.

I just couldn't make it in the end though. My mind defeated me, and I just couldn't do the last bit of climb, no matter how much I told myself I wanted to see that view, and I wanted a picture of myself up there too. No matter how "Instagrammable" that picture would have been. Instead I sat on a rock and wheezed while my heartbeat slowed down, hoping not too many people could hear me, then we headed back the way we came.

If you make it to the top you can see both Loch Achray and Loch Katrine. Since I did NOT make it to the top this was my only view of Loch Katrine during the walk. (I think)

Minor annoyances were the little kids who made it to the top that day. (I later jealously looked at someone's picture on instagram of their three year old, who had coped better with the mountain than I had and had reached the summit.) The major annoyance were the random family on the last stretch of steps on the way down who basically started, for no reason, running down the steps behind us, which stressed me out no end as I am not good with people effectively chasing me when I had wobbly legs from the climb and WAS WALKING DOWN A STEEP HILL, FFS! They eventually pushed past and the dad nearly fell over in the process. I kinda wish he had. Wanker. There should be fines for people who behave like selfish arseholes on hills. Or I should be allowed to push them over. Either or.

I'm sad I never made it to the top though. I still want to do it. Maybe this time I'll be a bit more prepared for the actual hard work it takes to climb. And maybe definitely I'll try to do it on a day that isn't a weekend or a public holiday when there aren't quite as many kids taunting me purely by their ability to make it to the summit when I can't.

The peak of Ben Venue, Ben A'an's tougher neighbour. Probably won't make it up that one either.

If you haven't been up Ben A'an (and aren't scared of a bit of hard work to do it) then I'd definitely recommend it. Maybe I'll even see you at the top? (Probably on Instagram when I don't make it there myself again...)

Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Once again, I haven't posted for a couple of weeks.

I'm not going to apologise for it because that makes it sound like I actually think people are waiting with bated breath to see my next post appear in bloglovin (well, all 66 of you subscribed to my feed anyway - feel free to join them if you haven't already, eh?)

It's actually quite hilarious (in a distinctly unfunny way) that as I popped into blogger to open a new post, I glanced at my list of drafts and noticed I had one entitled "Bloggers Block? Maybe I Can Help". It was quite laughable really given that I have been suffering from it myself recently. And I haven't actually written that aforementioned post yet. Bahahahahaha.

(I'll maybe wait a couple more weeks before I write that particular post. Just so the sweet stench of irony can clear up a bit first...)

So I regularly get "blogger block". I'm sure I'm not alone here, right? (Please tell me I'm not.) I seriously admire people who can post every single day, or even several times a week regularly, because I just can't seem to keep that momentum going, and it's like I just get some sort of blogger burn-out if I try too hard to post on the regular.

So this is what tends to happen to me . . .

Very occasionally, I have a day to myself, with no plans, and I commit myself to sitting down and writing a few posts. I tell myself that this is my chance to get organised - I will finally have a ton of posts scheduled and while those posts are still waiting to be published, I'll get even more written up. I will be The Girl Who Is On Top Of Her Blog (TM) finally, the readers will flock to me and comment in their droves, and I'll be a PR person's dream and . . . then I wake up.

But yeah, sometimes I do manage to get a few posts ready to go. It usually takes me a while. Like maybe I planned to do five posts, and I only do three. But, y'know, I feel accomplished. I've actually set myself a goal and mostly achieved it. And the only way is up from here. I still have tons of ideas, and I just need to be a bit more focussed and not get distracted by googling ridiculously random things like how all the old Hollywood greats died. (True story.)

So fast forward a couple of days and those scheduled posts have all published . . . and I'm on my laptop browsing through every single dress on  asos rather than actually writing any more posts. (By the way, do you pronounce it AS-os or AY-sos? I pronounce it the first way because it was "AS seen on screen" originally but I seem to be in the minority and when I told a girl who complimented by dress last week that it was from Asos, she thought I said "Argos" and it was all very confusing and a tad embarrassing. But, once again, I digress.)

So then I think "I really really need to write a post, this is getting ridiculous, but first, let me check Boohoo and see if they have got any new dresses in since the last time I checked two days ago."

And after I've exhausted Boohoo, any other clothes website I can think of, had a little side trip off to Amazon to buy some more books for my Kindle even though I still have seventy million books I've still to read already on there, checked Facebook to see if I've missed anything in the last ten minutes, spent twenty minutes composing a pithy tweet for Twitter that I'm sure will get re-tweeted loads, uploaded a picture to Instagram, checked Facebook again, checked Twitter to see if aforementioned pithy tweet has been retweeted yet (no. People just clearly do not get my humour), and then ended up in some slideshow of what happened to all of the stars from some 90s TV show . . . I'll turn my attention back to the window opened to Blogger, and click the list app on my phone for inspiration to strike.

I have a massive list of blog post ideas and I add to them on the regular. As soon as something pops into my head, I open my wunderlist app and stick my idea in there, adding to the huge pool of post ideas I already have. However, there's one problem here. I STILL don't always remember what the post was meant to be about!! 

For example, I have one that just says "google". That's it. "Google." What about google??? What was my great idea? More recently, I have one that says "would I lie to you" - I asked the boyfriend "do you have any idea what this post idea was? Was it the TV show?" He suggested it might be the 90s Charles And Eddie song. It could very well be - Heart FM play it all the time and I'm sick to death of it. But surely I couldn't make my dislike of that song into a whole post?? It's barely reaching anecdote status in this post.

Granted, there are some really good ideas, in my opinion anyway, on my list . . . the problem is that a lot of the time I can't force myself to write the post, as enthusiastic as I may feel about the topic. I have to wait until I'm in the mood to write that particular post.

But wait . . . I've not read any other blogs in a while! Surely I should go and catch up with my fellow bloggers before I write a new post? I open up bloglovin and realise I have approximately 300 or so posts to catch up on (I follow a lot of people on there.). This is going to take a while . . .

After that, it's time to check facebook and twitter again (still no retweet action on my amazing tweet, seriously???), then I should probably check my email . . . oh, and what's for dinner tonight? I should probably look at Pinterest for some inspiration . . . and that's me for the night, once I've fallen down the Pinterest rabbit hole there's no escape.

So . . . repeat the above process over and over, for days, with the odd point where I actually manage to snap out of it and get a post written and published (very rarely) . . . until the point where I have a day off and grand plans to get a few posts written up and scheduled for publishing. And this time it's going to be different, this time I'm going to stay on top of things, this time I am going to be The Girl Who Is On Top Of Her Blog (TM).

Hmmm... well this is post one of the day . . . and I'm already feeling quite tired. :-/

Can anyone else identify???

Monday, 15 May 2017


So when I last posted about my challenge for 2017 to read 40 books, it was the end of March and I had read a grand total of . . . 5. But then I went on holiday for a week and a half and read . . . well, quite a few more. I don't know what it is about holidays but feeling so relaxed just helps me breeze through books in a way I just can't do at home!

Anyhow, I'm going to stick to my previous format and only post five at a time, but you may get a couple of instalments of this type of post in a much shorter space of time than last time . . . be warned!

6) Mad Love - Nick Spalding

In this book, a dating website decide to create publicity for themselves by matching up and marrying off two of their clients . . . even though they've never even been on a date before. Thanks to the little white lies that some people tell online, the new couple actually couldn't be any more unalike. But can they make their relationship work anyway?

I first read a Nick Spalding book back when I first got a kindle and really enjoyed it - this was no different. His books are hilarious, and some of the scenarios his characters end up in are just so cringily funny and out-there that you've got to wonder "has he actually dreamed up these himself . . . or have they happened to him?!?" 7/10

7) Sunbaked - Junie Coffey

I recently signed up to NetGalley and this was the first book I read from there. This was just before I went on holiday so as the book had a lovely island setting the plot really appealed to me. Nina, on a drunken whim one night, decides to buy a little house on the island of Pineapple Cay . . . and goes through with it and actually moves there! Pineapple Cay sounds like an idyllic little place, although she finds herself up against the local property bully/tycoon who wants her land, within minutes of landing. And then the tycoon's wife goes missing in mysterious circumstances and Nina somehow ends up drawn into this mystery.

It was a gentle but readable book, and I did enjoy it, it had just enough intrigue and interesting characters to keep me turning the pages and want to know what was going to happen. 6/10

8) Luckiest Girl Alive - Jessica Knoll

From the outside, Ani seems to have the perfect life - amazing magazine job, sweet fiancΓ© . . . but she's hiding a past that was definitely not so perfect. But she's about to take part in a documentary about one of the incidents from her past, which brings a lot back to the surface.

When browsing books for my holiday on amazon, I came across the plot for this novel and it intrigued me which is why I bought it, rather than the fact amazon lauded it as a psychological thriller. I wouldn't have put it into my bracket myself personally but then I don't read a lot of books described as psychological thrillers so perhaps this is why. I breezed through this book in less than a day on holiday and, as past events unfolded, found it almost impossible to put down. 8/10

9) White Lies - Emily Harper

This is a fun story about Natalie, who decides she's sick of waiting for Mr Right to come to her and she is going to come to him instead . . . so she places a dating ad and waits for a variety of . . . well, losers to appear. In the meantime, she is worrying about her job as gorgeous Oliver has just been brought in by her company to make some changes . . . but could she be worrying about nothing here?

To me, it was pretty much obvious from the outset how the book was going to end but the journey was still fun and kept me reading. I wasn't a big fan of the letters she wrote to the man of her dreams at the start of each chapter, I found that part a bit overly cheesy (and, if you know me at all, you know how much I normally love a cheeseboard), but overall I loved the book. 7/10

10) One Italian Summer - Keris Stainton

Milly, her two sisters and her mum, who are all still struggling with the death of their dad, go to Italy for a family wedding. And Milly is very much aware that Luke is going to be there...who she hasn't seen since an embarrassing moment at her father's funeral. The location in Italy seemed idyllic and, was I not reading this on holiday, I would probably have been very jealous - it just sounded like the perfect place to go for a holiday and a wedding. The characters were great, the family were all very likeable and I feel like you get to know the three sisters really well and root for them to all find their happy ending. I have to admit I wasn't sure about Luke at first but he definitely grew on me.

This book (another one I had acquired through Netgalley) in turn made me laugh and made me cry, and kept me turning the pages (or flicking the down button on my kindle which doesn't quite have the same ring to it!) all the way through. I didn't want to put it down and I was sad when it ended...which is always a sign of a good book in my opinion! 10/10

So that's all for now . . . but expect another post or two around the challenge up very very soon!!!

What have you been reading recently?

Friday, 12 May 2017


Ah, how I love being away on holiday. And I was on holiday until yesterday when I came home (cries) although on the upside I'm not back at work until next Tuesday so at least I have some time to readjust to normality. Let's not think of that yet though. I thought instead I would have a wee chat about a typical day for me when I'm away on one of my sunshine holidays...

I always tend to wake up early when I'm abroad, earlier than I would at the weekend when I'm at home. I usually spend this time before the fella wakes (he doesn't have my waking early problem!) catching up on social media on my phone, or reading.

At some point I'll start getting ready for poolside, with the aim of being out by ten. This usually involves putting on and discarding at least one piece of swimwear before putting on my favourite bikini AGAIN (at least my strap marks will be the same, right?), and then getting my SPF on, a necessary but tedious evil. I usually need to juice up my phone too since there is rarely a socket anywhere near my bed and I've drained my battery catching up on aforementioned social media! πŸ˜‚

Now we're outside and trying to find a sunlounger that doesn't already have a person or a towel (grrrr!) on it. Oh and it needs to hopefully be away from other humans, particularly loud ones, and have sun on it for most of the day. I don't ask for much eh? I get out my essentials: more suncream, kindle, phone, insect repellant just in case, and get to loungin'.

Around about this time, weather permitting, I like a wee dip in the pool. This usually involves me spending about ten minutes inching myself into the water followed by about five minutes of actually swimming. Once I've dried off I usually want a break from the sun so will head inside.

Lunchtime. I've usually not had breakfast so starving by this point! This usually involves some sort of fresh bread accompanied by cheese and meat. Possibly a wee sangria or other fruity alcoholic beverage too... but more often than not it will be a Pepsi or (if I've managed to track it down abroad) some Diet Irn Bru!

At this point, the afternoon can go several ways. It could involve me going and sitting out on the balcony for an hour or two, going for some sort of walk... or just deciding to get ready early for the evening and then heading to a pub for some pre-dinner drinking! I could also go to the gym... but I never do. Although I did use an outdoor gym down near the beach one day en route to the pub. But that was mainly so I could film some funny boomerangs for Instagram stories so I'm not sure that counts...

If I choose to spend the afternoon chilling on the balcony, then I'll start getting ready around about five-ish.  Shower, fix hair, do make-up. Try on and discard several outfits.  (Does anyone else find they take back half the contents of their suitcase unworn?) Ready!

Head out. Spend lots of time just walking around in circles trying to decide where to go, end up going with the age-old classic of choosing a place and then PRETENDING to look at the menu outside until someone comes over to try and entice us in. Ha, fooled you suckers, we were coming in anyway... we just wanted you to fight for us. Order starters... despite saying we were only going to get mains. Because starters are literally the best thing about food ever and don't even argue with me about it because shhh.

Struggle to eat main because I had a starter. D'uh. But when they clear my plate away and offer me the option of dessert, it's hard to say no...

Head back to apartments via the supermarket so we can stock up on juice, booze and bread for the next day's lunch. I usually opt for cava if we're in Spain as it's ridiculously cheap. If we're lucky, we then get a nice sunset to capture on camera for Instagram purposes.

Find something to watch on the TV, this can be a challenge as the English speaking channels can be few and far between. I feel like we end up watching a lot of Van Damme movies, oddly. πŸ˜‚ Settle down with cava and Milka chocolate (isn't it the best?) and head to bed when all the goodies are gone, ready to repeat all over again the next day...

So that's a day in the life of me on holiday. I already miss the feeling. To the point where I got home at 8ish last night and was already looking up holidays by 10pm...

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

20 FACTS ABOUT . . . P!!!

A bit of a lazy post today but I'm very much aware I haven't posted in a couple of weeks and as I'm currently in Lanzarote it will be another while before I can sit down at my laptop.

But anyway, I was tagged on instagram a couple of weeks ago to produce a twenty facts about me post by the lovely Dawn, which I did because I love things like that. And I thought, since I know not everyone who reads my blog now has ALWAYS read my blog, it might be nice to post it on here too just so you know a bit more about me. And if you are one of the few who has been reading my blog for a looonnng time, then it's a wee refresher session for you! What can I say, I'm nice like that.  ;-) So here goes!

1. I can juggle. (I went to a couple of circus workshops when I was a kid. Amazing the things you can find in Hamilton.πŸ˜‚)

2. Speaking of Dawn, the first time I met her was in a bar she was manager of. You could get a decent glass of wine for £1.50. I miss that place.

3. I really want to climb a munro but I don't really like heights. Or walking up hills. Both of which could be a problem. πŸ˜‚

4. I have an honours degree in Marketing. It has served me no purpose in life.

5. My birthday is the 4th October. I love presents. (Hint hint)

6. If I'm in a town I've never been to before, I always look to see if there's a Wetherspoons to add to my "collection". I always know what I'm getting with a 'spoons. (Cheap wine.)

7. I've never had a pet. Not even a goldfish.

8. I've not been to a hairdresser since I was 17. Which is probably pretty obvious. 😘

9. I once memorised all the capital cities. It was 1988 though so a lot of the countries no longer exist. I'm not QUITE as clued up on the new ones.

10. I was the captain of my primary school quiz team. We lost in the first round.πŸ˜‚

11. I've worn contact lenses since I was 13. Not the same pair.πŸ˜‚

12. I love cooking but I hate doing dishes.

13. I wish I was one of those people who love cleaning and find it therapeutic. Unfortunately I'm not. That's probably one of the reasons why I love hotels because I don't need to clean them.

14. I spend A LOT of time looking at other people's food on instagram. Like HOURS.

15. I don't sleep a lot...unless I've had wine then I've been known to fall asleep pretty much anywhere. Even in public. 😒

16. I love travelling, whether that's abroad or in Scotland.

17. I still watch Hollyoaks. I'm 37. πŸ˜‚

18. I love to know about stuff. I'm addicted to Wikipedia and one time when I was drunk I decided I wanted to know EVERYTHING and ordered books from amazon about Greek mythology, the Bermuda Triangle and...urban legends?!

19. I am ridiculously dog broody and basically turn into a blubbering mess every time I see one.

20. I love disaster films.

So that's pretty much me in a nutshell. If you can identify with any of my facts please feel free to reassure me that I'm not alone. 😘

Tuesday, 4 April 2017


I dug these pictures out last week for Mother's Day, thanks to a wee slideshow my dad put together for me a while back.

This is baby Paula.

Back in the day Paula was, I think, quite a popular name. Other options for her were Chloe (my mum's choice) and Evelyn (my dad's choice) but I think they eventually settled on Paula because mum knew a girl with that name and had liked it. Ultimately I reckon it's probably more "me" than the other two possibilities.

But today I found out my name is possibly about to become extinct.

Sounds very dramatic doesn't it? A tad overdramatic perhaps... after all, can a name technically become extinct when there are still people called Paula left in the world? And also, the research in question doesn't take into consideration every single baby born this year.

But, out of a sample of like 3 million new mums, no one has called their baby Paula this year.

Seriously? Paula is an awesome name! I mean, I know it's my name, so I'm perhaps a bit biased, and, don't get me wrong, I did often wish I'd been called something a bit more exotic, but it's a decent name. It doesn't generally incite teasing and the worst thing that probably ever happened to me was that a supply teacher misread my name as Paul on the register one day, which is understandable. And I can't really blame him when my own mum accidentally wrote "To Paul" on my 30th birthday card.  My own mum. I despair!

Anyway, along with names like Angela, Sharon and Joanne, less and less people are calling their baby girls Paula. This seems mad to me since I was not the only Paula I knew growing up, there was at least one in each year at school, and even one of my sister's best friends shared my name. I'm sure it used to be quite a trendy name even. (Wow, that's yet another reason to make me feel old.)

But now, if you are wanting your kid to stand out, you really should consider calling her Paula. If nothing else, you know that hardly anyone else these days is going to be called it.

I feel a bit like Chandler in "Friends" trying to convince Phoebe she should call one of the triplets Chandler. Paula's funny, sophisticated, and she's very loveable . . . once you get to know her. ;-)


So . . . think about it. Because I don't want Paula to become extinct.

Glad we've got that straight.

How do you feel about YOUR name? And is it also on the extinct list?

Friday, 31 March 2017


I didn't really make any New Year's Resolutions for 2017 - I mean, there's always the usual "get healthy" stuff, that's a given. But the one thing I did want to do was start reading more again.

I used to be the most avid of readers and could be reading up to 80 books in a year, even with blogging, work and a social life fitting in. Nowadays, social media is way too much of a distraction for me and I find myself invariably spending the time I used to devote to reading books, scrolling through twitter, facebook and Instagram on a loop instead.

So this year, I decided it would be different. I started using Goodreads again and I set myself a challenge - to try and read 40 books. I mean, that seems like a LOT but it's only half the amount I used to read. Plus I tend to catch up on holidays so I'm hoping it's a do-able amount.

As well as using Goodreads to record this, I thought I would do a regular post/review summing up the books I've gotten through so far. So . . . it's the final day of March and I've read . . . 5 books. Not the best of progress, but I actually read the last two in the last two weeks or so so I'm definitely picking up the pace a bit as the year goes on. Let's look at what I've read so far then!

1) 667 Ways to F*ck Up My Life - Lucy Woodhull

Now technically I started this in 2016, but I did read most of it in 2017 so it is being counted. (If I make it to 40 books I may read an extra one just to ease my conscience on this tiny oversight, OKAY???). This is the story of Dagmar, a girl who always plays it safe and does the right thing. However, when she is unfairly dismissed from work and dumped by her (horrible) boyfriend, she decides it's time for the good girl to go bad. She gets herself a job in a coffee shop, tries it on with her boss, and meets the perfect guy . . . the only problem is that her lies and sins are starting to spin out of control.

This was a really enjoyable read - the fact it took me so long to read was the fault of myself and my procrastination and aforementioned social media addiction, rather than any reflection on the book itself. 7/10

2) We Were On A Break - Lindsey Kelk

When the proposal Liv is expecting from Adam doesn't appear, their relationship goes a bit . . . awry, and they end up taking a break from their relationship. What follows is the two character's journey as they try to cope with the break and decide what they actually want from life and whether they actually want to get back together.

Now I generally love Kelk's books but, although I enjoyed this, it is probably my least favourite of her standalone novels. I liked the fact it was told through the eyes of both characters, it was very readable and it was very funny in parts. . . but her other books have had a bit more going on in them, and I really did just want to bang the two main characters' heads together at times. 6/10

3) My Not So Perfect Life- Sophie Kinsella

Katie has the perfect Instagram feed - her life, however, is not as perfect as she likes to make out. And when she loses her job, she finds herself moving back to the country to help her family out with their new glamping business. So when her old boss, the woman who fired her, turns up on holiday there, should she try and get revenge?

I always love one of Sophie Kinsella's novels, particularly ones these days that are not part of the Shopaholic series (I have started to tire of it over the past couple of years) and I was looking forward to this one coming out for ages. I was not disappointed; I absolutely loved this one, and think it is probably one of her best. Loved the characters, the storyline . . . and it really made me want to go glamping (despite my dislike of having to share toilets with strangers). 10/10

4) Girl In A Spin - Clodagh Murphy

All Jenny wants is to have a public relationship with her boyfriend. The trouble is he's recently separated and hotly tipped to become prime minister and, for a girl with a troubled past and a lot of secrets, is this really the ideal relationship?

I actually was following Clodagh Murphy on twitter long before I read my first book of hers ("The Disengagement Ring" which was ace) - she's Made in Chelsea fan too. I bulk bought her books last year for my Kindle and this was my second. At first I was thinking "politics? Oh no" but luckily that wasn't the main focus! Jenny was a great character and I was really rooting for things to work out for her . . . whatever way that may be! 8/10

5) My Sweet Revenge - Jane Fallon

Paula realises that her husband is cheating on her as this book opens. She decides that she is going to get revenge on him and ensure that Saskia, her love rival, does not want him when she finally leaves him. Revenge is sweet . . . but are things going to work out the way she thinks or will the joke ultimately be on her?

This book hooked me from the outset - I only started reading it a few days ago and it's already finished. Jane Fallon's books have always been great and this was no exception. A couple of twists and turns kept things interesting and her characters are always really great and real. The fact that the lead character was called Paula also helped - great name that. ;-) 9/10

So there we have it - five very good books which I would definitely recommend if you are in to chick-lit (I realise some see that as an offensive term but 1) I don't and 2) I can't think of a better way to describe these). I'll see you back here soon for my next instalment of books - I will probably do a post after I've finished books 6-10, which hopefully won't be three months away because then I really won't be on track with my challenge!

If you have any recommendations for books I should be uploading onto my Kindle, or you have opinions on any of the books I've mentioned so far, please feel free to share in the comments section. :-)

Monday, 27 March 2017


I love a dramatic view and I love Loch Lomond. I've saw Loch Lomond from various different places around the loch, but yesterday I got to see it from a viewpoint I'd never had before - from the top of Duncryne Hill. And boy was it a great view.

I've spoken before about how I'm quite a lazy person, and while I do love to look at pretty things, I prefer them not to take too much effort. Duncryne Hill, known also (very cutely) as "The Dumpling" was perfect for me as it didn't take too much of my energy to climb it, but I got very much rewarded for my moderate effort at the end!

The hill is by Gartocharn and near to (of course) the beautiful Loch Lomond. Next to the gates leading to the path up the hill is a layby where you can park next to a narrow road. I had to get out of the passenger side first before the fella finished parking so he could park as far in as possible! There were quite a few cars there already when we arrived, and people came and went in the time we were there.

It was a lovely day, and had been sunny for a couple of days now, so I'd decided not to change into my walking boots (yes. I have walking boots now. They're only from Primark but I do feel like I've grown a bit as a person.) and kept my pumps on. Which seemed fine at first. We walked up the path through the wood, came to a gate about five minutes in and realised that there was a big path of MUD facing us. Drat.

We decided to give it a go anyway, but after two or three steps my foot was covered in mud and I nearly lost my shoe, so we decided to go back and change into more sensible footwear.

Round two.

We navigated our way through the mud much more easily this time around - it was only a few minutes of utter squelchiness before the path went back to its regular programming. It probably only took about 15 minutes from there to reach the top, although the path was very steep at times, and I was struggling on account of being an aforementioned lazy bum. By the time I reached the top I was very very out of breath. I could see tons of folk already up at the top (it seemed to be quite popular), so I slowed down just before the top to catch my breath so I wasn't virtually hyperventilating in front of other human beings.

The view was amazing - you could see for miles around, the loch and its many islands, and the mountains and hills surrounding it. I felt quite proud of myself for discovering the hill (as in happening across it online, I'm not Christopher Columbus or anything, I'm not going to lay claim to it!)

 We stayed up there for about ten minutes admiring the view and enjoying the sunshine, before heading back to the car. There were a couple of bits on the (same) path down that were dicier than those on the way up - I wasn't worried about going over the edge or anything (it's not really that kind of hill) but I was worried about falling on my arse. Mostly it was an easy walk back down though.

All in all from getting out of the car at the start, the round trip including the false start, me trying to clean my feet and failing before struggling into my boots, and the ten minutes at the top, lasted 50 minutes, so as you can see it's not an all-day thing by any means, it's a good wee bit of exercise though! I would definitely recommend a wee trip up there if you're in the area... on a sunny clear day like yesterday it was utterly stunning!
Just make sure your footwear can withstand mud!

Sunday, 19 March 2017


I don't talk about the cinema very often.

This is because I'm not a fan of it. Films, yes. The cinema experience, no.

I probably last spoke about the cinema five years ago on this blog, and it was because me and my sister went to see The Vow . . . and not only was it a load of crap, it cut out ten minutes before the end and we had to walk down something like eighteen flights of stairs on account of there being a power cut. So yeah . . . that wasn't the best of experiences. And I still have no idea how the friggin' thing ends. Although I don't care too much about that.

I've been to the cinema twice with my boyfriend of nearly three and a half years . . . and the last time was 2014 I think! ("The Other Woman", I believe. Which was a great film.)

I don't really have that much of a desire to go again. Here's why I'm not a fan . . .

I'm one of those weirdos who wants to be in my seat and relaxed (as much as I can be under the circumstances) prior to even the adverts starting. I don't get these people who are still wandering in during the trailers. I like to have my pick of the seats (don't even get me started on allocated seating!) - and I want to have my snacks/drinks all sorted already. I basically need to be on of the first people in that screen in order to feel calm! And people walking in late does make me feel stressed and angry.... and there is always at least one!

I don't think I need to elaborate too much on this one.... why is it so bloody expensive to have a cinema trip? I feel like every time I go, the price has shot up even more! Which leads me nice onto the...

Once again ridiculously expensive. I do occasionally take something in with me from off the street, but to me it realty doesn't feel like a proper cinematic experience if I don't have those red stick things with the white insides that you get in the pic 'n' mix bit . . . what are they actually even called? Do you have any idea what I'm talking about? I hope so.... Oh, and on account of me getting into the screen so early, I've usually ate all my food before the trailers even start anyway!

I doubt I would ever go to the loo during a film at the cinema because I would be way too paranoid that I would forget where I'm sitting on the way back and end up sitting next to a random stranger or wandering around in panicked circles . . . but here's the thing. They don't pause the film when you go to the loo at the cinema. You're not in charge of the remote control. How bloody dare they???

Disruptive folk
You do wonder why some people even bother going to the cinema (I really don't get it as a date venue, that's for sure) because they then spend the whole time chatting through it, or on their phones, or throwing things at people. What a waste of that aforementioned expense. You can do all that other stuff for free (I wouldn't condone throwing things though. Unless someone really deserves it obviously...).

Being out of touch
I'm one of those folk who checks their phone a lot. I'm also someone who is a rule-abiding citizen and generally will put my phone completely off in the cinema, not just on mute. And I would never dream of looking at it after the film started. You'd think this would put me in a relaxed state and I could switch off and just enjoy the film. Nope . . . of course all I want to do is live-tweet the bloody film!!!

So even if a film comes out that I really want to see . . . I'll probably just wait a couple of months until it comes out on DVD. It's the safer option really!

Do you like the cinema?

Thursday, 16 March 2017


An evening invite for a wedding popped up on my desk this morning, and with it the inevitable, panic-inducing question . . .


I love clothes but trying to find a dress for a fancy event is always a bit of a minefield for me. It's like I have an idea of what I want in my head, but I have no idea what it is or how to put it into an actual description! So when I'm trying to find a dress, it's an absolute nightmare because . . . how am I meant to find what I'm looking for if I don't know what I'm looking for until I find it.

It's an eternal conundrum.

So I've been looking through the usual suspects of websites and have found a few I like.

I am a big fan of this River Island dress. I have been a crushed velvet fan for as long as I can remember, probably since it was fashionable the last time around. And I love the colour green, and off-the-shoulder styles, but I'm worried it might be too casual?

This Boohoo shift dress is really cute and really "wedding-y" if you know what I mean. I love a bit of embellishment. It doesn't seem too bodycon either which is always a good thing in my book. (Is it just me, or does the very word "bodycon" incite absolute terror in anyone else's soul?)

 I like this little Vesper number from asos . . . makes me think of a pretty present. Quite simple but very sophisticated. I love lace, I love navy blue (which is weird when I think about how I did everything to avoid wearing my navy blue school uniform back in the day). It's a bit higher-necked than I'm used to (I am most definitely a "cleavage" girl) but I think I'd not mind too much with this.

Did I mention I love lace? This La Redoute dress is pretty simple but a gorgeous colour. Quite high-necked once again . . . perhaps I'm growing as a person? Nah . . . surely not?!?

I love a bit of jacquard too . . . and this is back to my good old plunging neckline best! And a bit of a bargain too - this Very dress is currently only 18 quid!!! I'm assuming the belt, shoes and sale sign are not included in the price. ;-)

Now last but not least . . . when I'm shopping online I tend to immediately sort the products I'm browsing into the "low to high price range" and if I forget I tend to be disappointed when I see a dress I like and then discover it's 120 quid and waayyyyy out of my price range. This Comino Couture dress is a prime example of this. :-( Please, if anyone knows of a cheaper dupe, do a girl a solid and sling the link my way, eh?

And, while we're on the subject of favours, if you have any opinions, other websites I can try, or any suggestions of dresses you think might be my bag, please leave me a wee comment and help me out!

Tuesday, 14 March 2017


They say admitting you have a problem is the first step, and my problem is I'm pretty obsessed with Instagram. That being said, I don't really find it a problem, because it's so bloody entertaining and I could spend hours just looking at pictures on it!

So what are my favourite things to look at? I'm glad you asked . . .

Pastel/Rainbow Hair - I'm pretty much obsessed with pastel hair, as you may know about me if you've read any of my posts. I frequently spend massive amounts of time scrolling through hairdresser profiles looking at their amazing creations and wishing that my hair looked half that good. Some of the "mermaid" colours are just incredible!

Food - I think there's two types of people in the world. There are the ones who don't understand why anyone would post a picture of their food for everyone to see . . . and those who think it's amazing! I fall into the latter camp. I am so interested in seeing what people are eating, it gives me inspiration and helps me think outside the box too.

Views - As you'll maybe know from my Scotland the Beautiful posts, I love travel and one of my favourite things about this is getting pictures of spectacular views. I could probably spend days just trawling through pictures of pretty views, especially Scottish ones. They are utterly incredible and, just like with the food pics, you end up getting inspiration about places you want to go . . . and sometimes find places you didn't even know existed as a result!

Clothes - I'm interested in seeing what people are wearing. I used to love that What I Wore Today website where everyone who signed up could just post pics of themselves in their outfit of the day and people would like them. I never got particularly high ratings myself but it was nice to see how other people put their outfits together. It's good that so many people are doing this now on Insta . . . although sometimes I worry that it's putting a lot of temptation in my path, as well as strain on my purse!

Fitness - I've already mentioned that I find Instagram inspirational on a couple of levels - none more so than fitness though! Watching people's fitness and weight loss successes is soooo inspiring and does make me think twice about reaching for the tin of condensed milk and spoon. (I say "think twice" - I still would ultimately reach for it but I would dither a bit more over it first. I'm a work in progress, okay???)

Puppies - I'm so dog-broody it's ridiculous. I spend way too much time drooling over pictures of other people's dogs. I make no apologies for this though.

What are your favourite things to look at on Instagram? And are you following me yet???

Sunday, 12 March 2017


Me and the fella had an absolutely lovely night away in a seaview snug last weekend.

Disclaimer before I go any further with this: this isn't a sponsored post. (I would say if it was and, also, if anyone is reading this and wants to offer me free stays away, feel free - it would be a hell of a lot easier on my bank balance!). I bought a voucher deal for the fella for his birthday, which gave us a night there for a bargainous price of 69 pounds. Trust me, it was worth the money! (If you are planning to give voucher deals as a present, you can find my guide to it here.)

Anyway . . . we finally got it booked up, after getting a day off sorted (the deal was only available Sunday to Thursday so we needed to take a wee cheeky Monday off) and me anxiously checking the website to see if any of the snugs were still available on that particular day, and asking the fella "have you booked it yet?" at least once a day.

The snugs are situated in Gatehouse of Fleet in Dumfries and Galloway with a lovely view of (you guessed it!) . .. water. I believe it's the Solway Firth. They are part of the Laggan Activity centre, so you can always combine your stay with an outdoor activity like grass sledging or even zip-sliding for an additional cost (booking is advisable for activities to avoid disappointment). We decided to make our activity a bit of outdoor drinking at the table and chairs situated just outside our snug... I doubt any of you are surprised about this!

We stayed in The Shore which had a nautical theme to it, and had a clean blue and white colour scheme. It was absolutely gorgeous, and had so much space in it. Each snug also has a bathroom (thank goodness - I don't do camping and even glamping is a struggle for me as I always need my own bathroom. None of this sharing nonsense.) with an absolutely MASSIVE shower!

There was plenty of storage space and places to hang up your clothes, tea/coffee making facilities, Wi-Fi (a must!), another table and chairs inside for you to sit and enjoy the view if it's not too nice outside, and a large TV which even had Netflix on it . . . once the sun had gone down and the view disappeared, we hopped onto that and re-watched Taken 3.

It was possibly the aforementioned outside bit I loved the most though. It was pretty much a "natural balcony" where you could sit and watch the water, the cars going past on the road far below . . . and there was a little stream too. Very pretty.

Although there are eight snugs and I believe they were all occupied, the only time we really saw any of the others was when they arrived . . . I think we were first to get checked in so as we sat outside we saw some of the others parking and walking up from the car to their snugs. Otherwise we didn't see anyone again until we were leaving and there were a couple sitting out in the morning sunshine. We were very jealous!

It was an awesome stay and I'd thoroughly recommend it if you're looking for a wee night away. We took a "hotel picnic" (plenty of cold meat, cheese, wine etc) to save ourselves some money but if you're looking for dinner out you could always pop out in the car (there is a cafΓ© on site too but I'm not sure of its opening hours). Word of warning - the activity centre is being done up at the moment (I think they're expanding) but we didn't notice it - it didn't affect the sea view. I think this likely means the prices will go up once the construction has been completed (it's currently 80 pounds a night plus 60 for each subsequent night according to the website) so best to get in there while you can.

Go. It's great. I promise. Pinky swear. (Website can be found here.)